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Cheshire Ice Cream Farm

Have you noticed when something has been specifically designed for children, its always accompanied by a high price tag? Fear no more, this place I’m about to share with you is FREE ENTRY, and incredible, but more importantly, FREE ENTRY! As well as free entry there are areas you can spend the day playing in for FREE too, and if you fancy treating the kids, other play areas range from £1 to £4.50, giving you a choice of how much or little you are willing to spend. It’s the Holy Grail of children’s theme parks. Named one of the TOP attractions in Britain in the Telegraph 2017, the park attracts over half a million visitors a year.

It’s called… The Cheshire Ice Cream Farm – and we love it!

Owned and managed by the Fell family, the theme park first started as a Dairy Farm over 30 years ago. Cuts in milk subsidies meant the family needed to restructure their‹ business and think about what to do with the excess milk production. The family started to produce dairy ice cream, which they sold from the farm. Many came to the farm to buy the ice cream and by 2007 the family had invested 4 million pounds in creating this amazing ice cream themed park, which houses the largest ice cream parlour in the world.

My son, who’s recently turned 3 loves this place. He literally does not stop from the moment we arrive to the moment we leave, and after we’ve got passed the tears and tantrums because it’s home time, he’s flat out in his car seat before we’ve even left the car park.  

There’s 10 different play areas in the park that range from baby and toddler to teeny-boppers. From Fun Factory, an indoor adventure play barn with a toddlers soft play section, to The Loft an edgy graffiti styled area filled with retro game machines and a race car simulator machine to a dance floor, as well as much much more. It’s a child of all age groups dream theme park. My son loves Daisy’s Park, which is a free play area. It has a huge Ice cream tree which spurts out foam bubbles every 20 minutes; the kids love it! 

Like I mentioned above, the ‘Pay to Play’ areas range from £1 to £4.50 per play area, or you can purchase a Play Pass which ranges from £20 for 5 plays to £100 VIP play pass which gives you 100 plays and VIP privileges.

My Son’s favourite ‘Pay to Play‘ area is Honeycomb Canyon, which is Europe’s largest sand and water play area. Don’t forget to bring their swim costume or shorts and a towel to dry off – they get messy! He also loves Silvercone race track, were he can drive round on a battery powered quad bike for £1 a go, with Dad or me on the back of course, otherwise he’s be off the track.🙈

For me, the prices charged aren’t bank breakers when compared to some more well-known children’s theme parks – and of course if your wanting to have an inexpensive day out with the kids, and your children are 6 and under, you can do just that, by staying in the free play areas  – obviously with a little treat from the ice cream parlour! Come on Mum and Dad loosen those purse strings a little hey! If your children are older than 6 I would say be prepared to visit the other play areas, they’d be too tempted to ignore.

Now, let’s talk FOOD!! If your going to travel to an ice cream farm, its obligatory to taste the goods 😊. Like the park itself, it’s award-winning ice cream doesn’t fail to delight – my own personal favourite is ‘Blackcurrant Crumble’. The kids [YOU] will love it.  Also, at the park is a large café called the ‘Pantry’ and food van or ‘Pit Stop’ which sells Pieminister Pies. Now for those of you who have had the pleasure of trying a Pieminister Pie you know it’s good, and for those who haven’t… sort it out, they are the Dog’s… you know the rest! 

The park also has shops which you can pick up snacks, drinks and gifts. There’s a strict no picnic policy inside the farm to encourage you to purchase food from their eateries which keeps things like FREE ENTRY and FREE PLAY free, which is perfectly acceptable. So refrain from bringing everything but the kitchen sink in your bag, one less thing for you to think about leaving the house at least… bonus!

So, if you’re looking for things to do this summer with the kids, and you’re a person who loves value for money, like my good self. I strongly recommend this place. The kids will love it, and you’ll enjoy the ice cream too 😊

Pips really does love this place (she does NOT shut up about it) and she is known for being a penny pincher so it must be worth a visit! 🤣


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  • Helen W

    I’ve wanted to go there for a while so many friends rave about it, didn’t realise how big it was or how baby friendly. Will definitely be making a trip soon!

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