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Christmas Movies: Our Naughty & Nice List

All year we seem to worry about the kids spending too much time staring at the box, well it’s finally the Christmas season! A time to acceptably shove your kids in front of the TV and ram down their throats your favourite Christmas films whilst ignoring their cries to watch Big Hero Six or Toy Story for the 20th time that week!

I know lots of my fellow bloggers will be talking about getting outside and dirty whilst it’s wet and miserable, using really positive and upbeat words to describe the weather… well that just aint me I’m afraid. All year I’ve tried to be ‘crafty daddy’ and ‘messy-play daddy’ and failed miserably. So this Christmas I’m going to revert to my favourite old habits and go into hermit mode and moan about the weather whilst at the same time getting my festive cheer on, binge watching Christmas films and stuffing my face!

I really love a good Christmas movie, all year I only seem to watch films related to Marvel (and occasionally a DC one, but let’s face it, most are pants!), but at this time of year I seem to migrate to the sofa for the comfort of a festive film.

Normally I’d put my negative spin on something like this and talk about all the things I don’t like… you may have noticed that in my rants about nursery rhymes and play centres. But no… not at Christmas! I enjoy a cheesy-feel-good film so I’m going to share with you my top 5 ‘nice’ Christmas films as well as my top 5 ‘naughty’ ones.

The ‘Nice’ List

#1 The Muppets Christmas Carol- This has to be one of my all time favourites (I might say that a lot). It brings back great memories for me as a kid. We always watched this repeatedly over Christmas and I have memories of repeating back the one-liners with my sisters… mostly to annoy our mum. “It smells so good mother” (said in our best Miss Piggy voice). I’ve tried to get the boys to watch this but they just aint having any of it!

#2 Elf- You just can’t have a Christmas film list without ‘Elf’ on it. It’s the one film you can sit and enjoy Will Ferrell in because let’s face it when he’s playing the same character in every other film, he’s pretty annoying.

#3 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation- A proper golden oldie. I love it. Probs a bit to old for my kids this year but one I’m adamant they will love when they get older. My feelings on Chevy Chase mirror those of Will Ferrell too so it’s important to enjoy him while you can!

#4 Home Alone- How awesome is Home Alone? You just cannot beat it! Another one I absolutely loved as a kid. Kevin McAllister living every kids fantasy to have the house to yourself, eat what you want, go to bed when you want and play pranks on the burglars!

#5 Miracle on 34th Street (the 1994 version)- I’m guessing none of the above come as any surprise, but I think this one might. It’s way too cheesy, has a little annoying girl as the lead saying really stupid things and other characters that words cannot describe because they are better described with an eye roll… but I LOVE it! It definitely has some childhood nostalgia for me… albeit I would have been 12-13 when it came out, but hey, I’m a gayer! Not that I’m saying watching this film as a teenage boy made me gay in any way, nope that is definitely not what I’m suggesting, not even just a little bit, nope not at all.😬

The ‘Naughty’ List

#1 Scrooged- A classic! Gotta love a bit of Bill Murray playing yet another miserable character. Some may argue he should go on my list with Will Ferrell and Chevy Chase, but I think the man is a legend!

#2 Bad Santa- I mean it’s not the greatest film ever made and pretty poor acting to say the least… oh wait I’m supposed to be selling it. Well I think it’s funny anyway.

#3 Gremlins- Is Gremlins a Christmas movie? Where do you sit on this debate? I’m happy to class it as a Chrimbo film, it’s the only time I ever watch it! Classic!

#4 The Nightmare Before Christmas- I didn’t really buy into this the first time I watched it, but having watched it again last year, I feel I ‘get it’ more now and really enjoyed it. Debating how appropriate it will be for the kids this year so might watch it post-bed time for another year!

#5 The Grinch- Last but not least… This is my ALL TIME favourite Christmas film, hell, it might be one of my favourite films ever made. This film makes me laugh no end and I can pretty much watch it and recite it at the same time! I’m so happy that one of the boys loves it just as much and has been wanting it on constantly. I can never tire of it!

So there you have it! I’d love to know what festive films you would put on your naughty and nice lists so let us know in the comments below!

Happy square-eyes and gaining festive spread everyone!

Ooohh… I do love a Christmas movie, but for me its not Christmas if these films aren’t on the list! You stole my all time faves already, The Grinch and Scrooged. But hey, it’s 5:00 o’ clock so while I solve world hunger and tell no one! I’ll leave you with this…

Movies (in no particular order)

  1. Back to the Future 1&2 no one cares for 3, (it’s not Christmas if these two movies aren’t on).
  2. A Christmas Carol 1984. (Has to be 1984 version – it’s the best!)
  3. Oliver (never get to watch the full movie, but it’s on in the background).
  4. Ghost Busters (not really a Christmas movie BUT always on at Christmas, so signals it’s crimbo in my house!).
  5. Die Hard (Has to be on every Christmas movie list… it’s the law!)

Now I’m guna deviate from Christmas movies and add Christmas Telly. Because for me, it’s as equally important as a good Christmas movie. Lets face it… everyone loves a Christmas Special!

Christmas Telly

  1. Only Fools and Horses (It’s obligatory to watch ANY Christmas special they have done. ALL are hilarious).
  2. Top Of The Pops (Christmas Day! Never miss it, I’ll even record it if I’m stuck with some kind of Turkey emergency).
  3. Eastenders (someone always gets killed, cant miss the classic ‘who did it‘ plot).
  4. The Royal Family (Always makes me laugh even if I’ve seen it umpteen times).
  5. Goggle Box (Last year I laughed my head off, looking forward to this year).

I’m a huge traditionalist when it comes to Christmas, think you can tell from my choices!

Nobody invited you to hijack my post with your own lists! haha 

Looking at your TV list I think I’d be having an extended Christmas Day snooze!😴🤣


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