• Getting Ready for Primary School
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    Getting Ready For School

    If you’re a parent of a pre-schooler, then this week probably started with feelings of anxiety and worry about getting the primary school place you had hoped for. Here at the Parenting Phils, we were both fortunate enough to get our first choice schools which was such relief and we hope that’s a similar story for you too, and if not we hope you are happy with your allocated school… or good luck with your appeals! So now the wait to find out which school your child will go to is over, the next worry is getting them (and you) ready for September! Now I know what a lot of…

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    Top Ten Things to Consider when Choosing Primary Schools

    The time has come, too quickly I might add, where both Parenting Phils are experiencing yet another milestone in the world of parenting – primary school applications! Which means countless tours of prospective schools, reading Ofsted reports, meeting other parents and getting the general nitty-gritty of what your prospective school is all about. As you’ll agree, choosing the right school for your child is an important task. Simply because they will spend the best part of their day in that setting, 5 days a week, 9 months a year. So it’s incredibly important to know your child will be cared for, supported and safe, whilst on their new learning journey.…