Getting Ready for Primary School
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Getting Ready For School

If you’re a parent of a pre-schooler, then this week probably started with feelings of anxiety and worry about getting the primary school place you had hoped for. Here at the Parenting Phils, we were both fortunate enough to get our first choice schools which was such relief and we hope that’s a similar story for you too, and if not we hope you are happy with your allocated school… or good luck with your appeals!

So now the wait to find out which school your child will go to is over, the next worry is getting them (and you) ready for September!

Now I know what a lot of people will think and say… “every child develops and learns in their own way and at their own pace”, “they’ll soon catch up” or something else along those lines and the rational part of my brain knows that’s probably correct, but the ‘frantic-crazy-parent-who-desperately-wants-my-kids-not-to-struggle’ part of me is in full swing panic mode about them starting.

My anxieties are not totally unfounded as the boys will be amongst the youngest in their class being summer babies but also we recently met with pre-school who felt one of the boys was a bit behind where they would like him to be and we are still waiting on a speech & language assessment. We also recently discovered that he has a mild hearing impairment which wont have helped his development thus far.

The hope obviously is that he’ll catch up with more input from professionals but I can’t help but worry that he’ll start in September on the back foot and it kills me to think of him struggling. But again the rational part of me says it is what it is and we’ll take each day as it comes, so for now, preparing them the best I can is all I can do.

Like most of you I’m sure, I have been reading up a bit about what expectations the school will have on them at the start; what they should be able to do by the time they reach September. Some of it I can nod along with and think ‘that’s alright we can do that, or nearly there’, but some of it does have me scratching!

Here’s a few of the things I’ve been reading;

  1. Using the toilet- now pre-potty training completion I was convinced they would be going in nappies, but post- training I look back and laugh at myself for being so irrational as they nailed it in the end! However the bit I am worried about is bum wiping. I’ve read that schools wont wipe bums and will leave kids dirty? I’ve been working on this a bit with them and actually Jay is pretty good at it (if it isn’t a messy one) so with a bit of further encouragement he should be ok, but Haribo is like Little Lord Fauntleroy and sits demanding to have his bum wiped and has zero interest in doing it, and actually when he has tried he has really struggled as his little arms wont reach around enough!
  2. Using cutlery- I read an article last week about a primary school who was in uproar about kids coming into school unable to use them and eating like animals still. Well mine are more than capable of using them but more often than not CHOOSE not too, despite the constant nagging from me. I’m not massively worried about this one tbh!
  3. Getting dressed themselves- Again not something I’m overly worried about as they can dress themselves on a morning, but they do struggle with shoes and zipping a coat up. They will get there and if a teacher needs to help them make sure they’ve got their shoes on the right foot then so be it IMO!
  4. Letters & numbers: recognition & pen control- This one, if I’m honest, is a worry for me. I know everyone will shout at me for comparing kids, but I just can’t help it! I feel like we’re surrounded by kids of a similar, and often younger, age who are way further ahead in recognition of numbers/letters and writing. One of the boys very recently has a had a lightbulb moment and has started showing a bit more interest but the other just is not interested at all. I have been using the ‘Getting Ready for School Wipe Clean Activity Pack’ from Usborne to try and encourage pen control and letter/number recognition and actually they have both shown that they can follow the dots and work through the books. So I’m hoping bit more encouragement using these that by September we’ll be somewhere nearer the level the teacher might hope for?

Getting Ready for School Wipe Clean Activity Pack by Usborne Books

Now I’ve laid it all out there I’m actually feeling less worried… I guess… maybe… well maybe just a little haha.

But in all seriousness, if you feeling bit anxious about the start of school then check out this article from The School Run. Here an early years educator shares with you there real hopes and expectations. I found it really useful and reassuring!

Let us know how you are feeling about starting primary school this autumn… are YOU ready? I haven’t even started addressing the things I need to do to get myself ready… that’ll be a whole other blog for another day I think!

I feel your pain… totally freaking out about being ready for school. As well all that you’ve mentioned above, we’ve been practicing putting our clothes we’ve taken off into a pile, in readiness for PE activities – this was a tip from our Nursery, and to be honest glad it was mentioned, because when Finn-Bob undresses, his clothes are kicked off to the other side of the room! Now I talk about it all the time he’s picked it up really well. Our summer babies will be fine I’m sure… every parent feels the same.

Competition Time

Get your preschooler ready for primary school

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  • Jen

    You wouldn’t believe how many children are not ‘school ready’ – your boys have had a head start as much of it is social engagement; listening, sharing, responding, getting stuck in, knowing how to engage with a book! However, there will be 30 in the class and if the teacher has to focus on teaching, it’s helpful if your child is as independent as poss… better to make sure they can put their clothes & shoes back on after PE, (they tend to get stuffed into PE bags during the lesson) and be able to put their coat on for break!

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