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Gym Time Means Me Time

As a mum to two young boys, finding time for yourself is very hard, or near on none existent. By the time you’ve sorted the kids, cleaned the house, done the washing and if you’re a real super mum, gone out for a few hours, the day has gone, and then its tea, bath and bed time.

So, when all that’s done I am far too tired to even think about what I would like, need or do with myself. So, my appearance has taken a massive nose dive these last few years. Yummy mummy I am not!

Overweight, from finishing the boy’s food off, as well as my own and sometimes my partners … I know its bad *sad face*. Clothes are a million seasons behind fashion, because I refuse to buy plus size clothes. Not to mention the general state of my beauty regime being none existent. I yearn for some me time to try and get my act together.

So, I’ve taken the plunge and joined a gym, in the hopes that I will lose weight, buy some nice clothes, feel better in myself and up the ante on the beauty regime. Ultimately, gym time means me time.

My only problem is I hate gyms. I hate everything about them. When I go the gym, I look like I’m about to decorate the place, or sweep up, never mind work out. Big baggy t-shirt, washed out jog pants, maybes some food spillage here and there. Anyways its not a pretty sight by any stretch. Designer work out suites, on a fabulous tanned toned body it is not.

As for the machines, well I can never understand them, and a lot of the time I’m not sure if I’m even doing it right. However, before my low self-esteem and general silliness took its hold and stopped me from going, I skipped out the door and down the path, farting like a giddy donkey, excited I was leaving on my own, with no children in tow.

Wow I’d forgot what this was like, FREEDOM.

Yes, I looked like the caretaker, and I fumbled around on some of the machines like the novice I am, but I didn’t care. I loved it! For one hour, I had that all-important time to myself. Time to listen to my own music and not “Daddy finger, daddy finger where are you” on repeat.  A place were I could take out the days frustrations, clear my head, and most importantly, enjoy being me. It was my space.

So, for all you mums and dads who need to get away from the family and be you for a couple of hours a week, I strongly advise the gym. And hey, think about how fit you’ll be ready for the summer.

It’s winner winner.

…chicken dinner?? Bravo to you my friend, I took inspiration from you and have also joined. I’m a serial gym joiner and dropper outer… mostly because of my own self-conscious hang ups, but I’ve got to say since becoming a dad all those hang ups seem to have disappeared and I don’t seem to give any F’s about what people think! So I too would encourage anyone who pre-kids hated the gym to give it (or something to that effect) another go!

Well hold the praise, I’ve already had a week off! But in my defense, I have two boys full of cold including myself, and have zero energy at the minute. Though I’m sure mine is flu … swine flu no doubt! 

Oh you SWINE!! Didn’t you have your flu jab this year?? 

You know too much  


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