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Julia Donaldson: Credit Where Credit is Due!

With the new year comes the New Year’s Honours List and there’s a few familiar faces on the list with Dame Twiggy and Sir Michael Palin just to name a couple of the big ones this year.

Despite being a misery, I do actually really like the fact that we can recognise a persons contribution in this way and celebrate their outstanding career. I also really like that it’s not just the celebs that are given this prestigious credit, with charity workers, NHS staff and many others also getting a look in. I worked with several people during my time in the voluntary sector who had received OBE’s and MBE’s… and deservedly so!

Credit Where Credit is Due!

I do however take umbrage with honours being dished out for, in my opinion, mediocre success or unfinished business and this year I’m referring to Harry Kane who is set to be given an MBE for his ‘outstanding service to the community’.

Yes he might of scored 6 goals in a World Cup and HELPED England to the semi’s in our best, but about time, performance in years. But we didn’t win, he didn’t do all that by himself, his club career has been great but hasn’t yet won any major titles and to top it off his career is still in it’s prime. Surely this acknowledgement would be better suited for when he has finished and as a look back on his career?

I’m just not buying it (and it’s not just because I’m a bitter Everton fan still sore from the thrashing we got off Tottenham just before Christmas… well maybe a little sore still).

But when credit is due, it’s great to see it being given. I was so pleased to see author Julia Donaldson getting an upgrade on her MBE to CBE… I’m sure it won’t be long until we are calling her Dame Julia!

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Julia’s books are fantastic! I don’t think I’ve read one that I don’t love. The boys are really engaged by them because of their great graphics, rhyming tones and all round brilliant plots!

When I saw her CBE mention I got really excited and thought I’d write about my top favourite books written by her, but when I did a bit of Google research I realised just how many I still haven’t read, so instead these are my fav’s so far!

Top 5 Favourite Julia Donaldson Books: Thus Far…

(In reverse order for the dramatic effect…)

#5 One Ted Falls Out Of Bed

This one will likely raise a few eye brows by making a top 5 list but I really love it. The boys really enjoy it too, probably because they are Toy Story mad and this book has the toys in the room coming to life too. It’s also a really good book for little ones learning to count and recognise numbers!

Is it the most captivating story? No, but hey, for little ones the simple books are the best!


#4 Tabby McTat

LOVE Tabby McTat. The rhyming in this is awesome and the boys used to make me read this one over and over when they were a bit younger. They loved me singing (honestly) the buskers song. Granted it’s a long one but it has a lovely story and a great ending!


#3 Rabbit’s Nap

This brings back so many happy memories for me. When we first adopted the boys we would read this every afternoon after lunch as we got ready for nap time (I miss those). Our copy has had the flaps cellotaped back in multiple times and caused many an argument over whose turn it was to open the flap. But it was so loved.

Personally I’m not sure why Rabbit didn’t just hit the sack straight off but I guess that’s why I still haven’t been able to finish my own children’s books yet!?!


#2 Gruffalo & the Gruffalo’s Child

Classic! Need I say anymore? Great rhyming, amazing story and surely EVERY child knows it!? If your child doesn’t then quite frankly you are failing as a parent! (Joking Obvs…)


#1 Stick Man

I put Stick Man as my number one because I just love how it flows, I love doing the voices when we read it and the boys loved finishing off the lines which is so important in terms of phonics in toddlers. I wasn’t keen on the film adaptation though… who reads it that slow???

I’m sure many of you reading this are shouting ‘Room on the Broom’ at your devices whilst reading that list, and yes it’s a great book but just not one of my personal favourites… but then there are so many I haven’t mentioned that could easily make the top 5 on any given day; Tiddler, Superworm, Zog and let’s not forget Monkey Puzzle too!


Just too many great ones to choose from!

So, if you look at the kids bookshelf today and for some (very) strange reason don’t see a book by Julia then get yourself straight to the local supermarket (or amazon for the lazies amongst us) and pick up a copy immediately.

Let us know your favourite books by this amazing author!!!!

For Christmas, Teddy got his own copy of the Gruffalo, with a twist… it had a little glove puppet of the Gruffalo in the middle, and he absolutely loves it!! Finn-Bob loves the Gruffalo too, hence Teddy having to have his own copy… he’s not completely there yet with the whole sharing things he loves part **eye-roll** 

I bought him it! Glad he likes it!

Gruffalo’s Child is again another we love, but admittedly haven’t heard of the others, so need to get my research on and have a look. 

Now I’ll leave you with this one… Stick Man… dare I say it… it’s not our fave!!

Each to their own [heathens].

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  • Anne

    My kids are too old for Julia Donaldson now (sob) but my favourite was always Room on the Broom. We saw the play and it was fantastic too. We’ve also seen What the Ladybird Heard. Also, about 5 years ago they had a Julia Donaldson exhibition at our museum (Birmingham) and it was totally brilliant. Just a couple of the things they had was a house full of animals which the kids could throw out and shove back in (they were not real animals) just like in A Squash and a Squeeze. They also had a stone age area made of polystyrene rocks for the kids to play with like in Cave Baby. Julia Donaldson really does deserve recognition indeed.

  • Emma

    The Gruffalo reigns supreme here…I barely need to look at the book to read it as a bedtime story. We’ve made a Gruffalo garden, followed his trail through the woods, have Gruffalo themed clothing from wellies through to underpants. Stanley is just starting to wean off him but James has now taken up the Gruffalo loving role, then of course I’ll have Eli to introduce to The Gruffalo too. Lets just say our house will continue to have knobbly knees and turned out toes, and a poisonous wart at the end of his nose for some time yet! #BlogCrush

    • Phil @ ParentingPhils

      Brilliant! Mine went through a short phase of gruffalo but they aren’t mad for all things gruffalo… spiderman and minions are too appealling 🤣

  • Daydreams of a Mum

    So many brilliant books to choose from!!
    Though I admit to a dislike for Room on the Broom purely on the basis small girl used to point at the witch and say ”mummy” (was the long ginger hair which she wore in a plait I guess!!) I so miss that everyone has grown out of these gorgeous books . Our personal fave was Sharing a Shell #blogcrush

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