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Lotherton Hall

At the start of the summer we posted our ‘Top 7 things to do along the m62 corridor this summer’ blog and one place that we most definitely over-looked was Lotherton Hall. Located in North-East Leeds, just minutes off the m1, this gem of a place is great for a family day out.

This wasn’t my first time at Lotherton Hall, however it was the first time I really got to experience and enjoy everything it had to offer because;

  1. The boys were a bit older so able to enjoy everything a bit more independently
  2. Weather was better than previously
  3. and most importantly… I remembered the bloody buggy this time! It’s quite a big space so this is very important for little legs, last time I went I had two screaming, just turned 2-year-olds who couldn’t go the distance

Admission at first glance might seem a bit steep at £7.50 per adult and £3.95 for over 5s (free for under), but actually with everything on offer inside it’s really good value for money, and you can actually save a couple of quid if you book online in advance. 

It has so much to offer a family for a full day out. These Edwardian grounds are beautiful, with a lovely garden and woodland area to walk about and a deer hide. There is a huge enclosed play area for the smaller kids, but also some great climbing-style activities for older kids scattered about the grounds too.

You can go into the house itself where there are plenty of activities for you and the family to take part in; discovery chests, dressing up, curiosity cabinets and also a gallery showing you the travels by the Gascoigne family (not Paul FYI).

There is a large coffee shop serving food, but honestly this place is so beautiful I would recommend saving yourself some dosh and enjoy a picnic, although you’ve got to have an obligatory ice cream whilst you’re there! 

The icing on the cake for this place, and something that sets it apart from similar places, is the Wildlife World. I knew that there was something like this at Lotherton before I arrived but in honesty was not expecting it to be that great. 

It specialises in birds, but does offer a few other animals such as Tapir and Capybaras. You can get up close to some exotic birds from all over the world, including the penguins.

Once you have explored everywhere, you start to appreciate the value for money this places offers and is literally a full day out because there is so much to enjoy.

Lotherton Hall also offers special themed events all year round for holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Bonfire night etc. They do make a real effort.

Over school holidays the are always events on for the kids too, although we couldn’t quite work out what we had missed this summer because it was the last day and nothing seemed to be happening. But the kids still got to enjoy all the lawn games on offer, such as giant Connect 4, Jenga, Chess, Drafts etc.

You can also buy annual family passes on their website which I’m thinking I will probably buy given it’s location and the amount you can do throughout the year. I’m kicking myself that I left it so late in the summer holidays to go to, but at least I know for next year!

Go check it out and if you’re looking for other great days out in the Leeds area then check out Becky’s reviews over at Becka’s Bubble!



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