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No ‘New’ Years Resolutions Here: I’m D.U.N.N

I used to love January… It used to be one of my favorite months of the year. Simply because it signalled a fresh start, a new plan, a new ‘me’ so to speak and it all used to start with my New Years Resolution!

The problem is… I am Philippa DUNN. A woman who loves ideas, plans, resolutions, but does not live up to the name of getting anything DUNN! I’m pretty pants at sticking to any new years resolutions, and more often than not, the promises and plans made fall by the wayside or simply don’t get DUNN. So much so, I am practically drowning in my new years’ resolutions made from years previous. They are quite literally meeting me at the door!

So this year, its no ‘new‘ new years resolutions for me, no fresh start, no plan of what January used to feel like.

Instead, 2019 is going to be the year of living up to the surname of getting things D.U.N.N. and finishing those resolutions from previous years, before chalking-up any more bad jobs.


Take the ‘diet resolution‘ made in 2018 as an example of something I’ve not DUNN… Last year was supposed to be about me losing the ‘baby weight‘ and having some all-important ‘me‘ time three hours a week. Something I talked about in one of my first blogs. However, like most of my resolutions, I was DUNN with the gym in a matter of weeks, and my enthusiasm to lose weight disappeared with pace. The only thing I was losing was the gym payment each month. Note to self… cancel the gym, or better still, GO you lazy cow!


But that’s just me… great at planning and setting goals, not so great at seeing them through. Take the ‘DIY resolution‘ another 2018 resolution hash-up. August time, we started all those jobs in the house, my partner and I had been talking about for the best part of four years. They were the types of jobs you always put off but desperately need doing. So we quite literally started from the top (new roof) attempting to make our way to the bottom, decorating every room. Where we are up to so far is… rooms half decorated, no floors, walls half plastered, and a ‘new’ and even bigger list of jobs we are uncovering whilst making our way through. What turned out to be a four-month plan has very quickly turned into a twelve-month task if we’re lucky! Why it’s turning out that way, is simply because DIY with two little boys, a job and of course being DUNN is exhausting!! The DUNN is obviously catching, in our house.

2017, 16, 15… RESOLUTION

Over the last few years, my hobby has been upcycling furniture. Something I really enjoy doing in my spare time – but you guessed it, spare time with a 3 and 1yo, who am I kidding… it doesn’t exist! Trying to restore furniture with two munchkins running around is no easy feat because naturally, my attention is on them. So you guessed it… nothing is DUNN and I now have at least 10+ unfinished pieces collecting dust around my house. I try to hide them – fail miserably of course, and instead, end up stashing them in the shed or better still store them in the unfinished rooms. Got to do something quick though, Gaz is evicting me out the shed!!


But what’s stopping me?? Yes okay, I like the odd lazy day, who doesn’t?? But surely those lazy days have not got the better of me when trying to achieve my countless resolutions, because I feel bloody knackered!! Last year, was busy busy busy… returning to work after maternity leave and surviving the balancing act of being a working parent to my two little boys. Resettling the boys in a new nursery, after a stressful experience in their last one, which you can read about here. The furniture, the house, the nonexistent exercise plan are all but a few timely things that have been keeping me busy. Well, maybe not the gym.  And then of course… the blog!!

Think its safe to say I’m D.U.N.N with making ‘new’ new years resolutions – not at least until the old ones are finished. I’ve got to start living up to the surname! Or stop setting myself up for failure, which is arguably what resolutions are about, right? Time to start embracing the DUNN or just accept the fact that I am quite simply pants at New Year’s Resolutions?

Jeez I’ve got a busy new year ahead of me… Happy New Year!

Your ‘Embracing the DUNN’ sounds suspiciously like a New Year’s resolution to me🀣

I’m in conflict with myself… clearly 

And shame on you blaming the kids on you not getting anything DUNN… you forget I’ve known you for almost 20 years so don’t give me that crap lady… you’ve always been bone idol… I mean slack… oops I mean delightfully ambitious haha. 

How very dare you… Says you whose taken 15+ years to write a Pop-Up Book!! πŸ€­

Oh look… whats thisβž‘βž‘πŸ–•πŸ»

I must say, the word ‘tomorrow’ gets used a lot in my vocab… πŸ™Š πŸ€·

You definitely gave yourself a lot to do with the house, but it’ll be amazing when it’s DUNN and kudos to you and Gaz for getting your hands dirty and doing a lot of it yourself, no way I would have coped or had the skillz to pull it off!

Oh, there’s no skills here… winging it mate!!

We definitely didn’t think it all through properly – especially on how hard it is to keep little hands away from freshly painted walls.πŸ‘ΆπŸ§’ Can’t wait till its all done though, our energy, motivation, and willpower are fading fast!




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