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When asked the Parenting Phils to team up and review a product from their website, I thought great, this place has just the thing I’m looking for!

Over the last few months I’ve been putting together a memory box for the boys, which has things in it like the outfit they wore leaving the hospital, first toy, cards, sentimental gifts from family, all those sorts of things. The things I basically can’t part with.

Then I came across the ‘Photo Blanket’ on and again thought ‘great’! This would make a fab addition to the boy’s memory box… and clearly so did BOTH of them as when it arrived, this happened…

This is Fin-Bob pretending to put himself to bed… I wish, right. Then, in the second picture Teddy is bounding in for his turn of playing with the blanket, like he does, before it all turns to tears.

The boys love snuggling up and playing with it. It’s been dragged around everywhere! The reason being that is it is just so super soft, and they love the feel of it against their skin. The blanket is a flannel fleece material made from 100% polyester. It’s hypoallergenic with odourless printing. I washed it following the instructions label, on a 30 degree wash, and it’s come out perfectly fine… no colour fade or run whatsoever, which I have to say, I thought it would.

Fin-Bob particularly loves it, because it has a picture of his best friends Haribo & Jay and of course his mum on it, sat in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park singing Daddy Finger.

Great Memories… but I guess that’s what this website is all about, capturing your fondest memories and creating keepsakes.

My only criticism is they could have made me look a little slimmer…

As you can see from the photo, it’s a decent size, about the size of an average pram blanket and it covers my three and one year old comfortably. When autumn comes and it starts to get a bit chillier outside, I know my one year old will love being wrapped up in this whilst out in his pram, because it’s thick and great quality. Eco-friendly too, with no harmful additives, another thumbs up!

I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised by just how well the photo came out on the blanket. Having chose the most colourful photo to put on the photo blanket, I did worry about how well it would transfer, but it’s been captured perfectly, and looks great! It was really simple to do too, just choose the photo you want, upload it to their website, customise it to however you want it and that’s it done.

There’s three different sized blankets you can purchase which each have a ‘special price’ attached at the minute. My blanket is 100 x 70 cm which retails at £99 but is now on offer for £25. But if a photo blanket isn’t what you had in mind, then there are loads of different photo gifting ideas at

If your like me, hugely sentimental, and you’re looking for novel ideas to treasure those special moments, then go visit their site, there is plenty of great ideas to celebrate and capture your special photos perfectly.

Thanks to the lovely people over at we are excited to offer a Parenting Phils exclusive offer. Using the coupon code PARENTINGPHILS will get you 2-4-1 on 20×20 format canvas prints.

They are also currently on offer for £8 (normally retailing at £29.99) so that’s TWO for only 8 quid… bargain! The offer is only valid until the 18th September 2018, make sure you don’t miss out!

You can follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too!

That’s a great offer actually, I might have to get some made up for the boy’s bedroom! 

And I’m sorry but I can’t let this one slide… You can’t be blaming for not making you look slimmer! I took the photo and we did it about ten times and that was as good as we could get it without a professional photo editor 🤣


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post

Looking for other photo keepsake ideas? Then check out Ever After With Kids for more inspiration!

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