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5 Reasons Why I HATE Play Centres! 20 Minute Challenge

Kelly, over at Daydreams of a Mum has just challenged us to take part in a ’20 minute challenge’ where we have to write about anything we like.

I got the tweet from Kelly whilst sat in our local play centre, so what better to talk [rant] about!?!

As it’s a quick challenge, I’m writing this on my phone without Pips’ supervision, so apologies for typos and all that jazz…

The rules:

1. In 20 minutes you are to create your post, including writing, checking, proofreading, editing and adding any images.
2. Mention the person who gave you the challenge and include a link to their website.
3. After 20 minutes you must publish what you have created.
4. You are free to write about any topic you choose.
5. Once you have done, you must choose three of your blogging friends to do the challenge, include links to their website.
6. Let your challenge nominees know via Twitter.
5 Reasons Why I HATE Play Centres!
#1 The Noise
I know it’s ridiculous to say because I’ve willingly come, but the noise of all these kids wrecks my nut no end. I came to escape my two talking insessantly at me, but have swapped it for a bunch of other people’s kids screaming and shouting.
Why did I do it? Because although the noise drives me to insanity, it does buy me an hour ‘me’ time whilst the boys fly about!
#2 The Germs
It really is a gross place to be. Kids coughing everywhere and not a dry nose in sight! But truth be known, my two are doing their fair share today. We nearly didn’t come but I kinda thought ‘well no other parent their seems to give a tom tit, so why should I?’ Sorry (a little bit anyway).
#3 The Food
Expensive and crap! But hey, it’s one meal I haven’t had to think up today… ’nuff said!
#4 The lighting
Why are they always so bloody dark? My eyes are straining to see my phone… it’s almost like they don’t want me to enjoy 60 minutes of pretending I don’t have kids, whilst I ignore them pushing and screaming.
#5 The Other Parents
Sorry but I’m just not down with ‘mummy culture’ in these places. I’m desperately running out of time and I’d love to share my thoughts more on the different types, but I just go with my most eye rolling one…
The ‘Posh Mummy’, the one following their little Rupert about like his maid. ‘Ruppy please dont push that child it’s not ni…’ [Ruppy meanwhile has F***** off to rugby tackle the next kid]… you know who I mean!
Times about up, I nominate the following bloggers to take the challenge on;
1. Carly at Carlybloggs
2. Kate at All the Trinkets
3. Danielle at The Preemie Mummy
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