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Small Steps to Potty Training

Not quite sure where am going with this blog… whether it be a rant, ramble, confession, advice, personal experience, who knows! It’s probably a little bit of everything.

What I do know and can say quite confidently is, that I HATE POTTY TRAINING!

Currently I am writing this blog from the ‘Pip’s Potty Training Hub’, on day two of actual full on potty training. Not threatening to do, or preparing to do, but actually ‘doing’ potty training.

I say this because I’ve been attempting to do this for such a long time, and nothing has come of it and I have to say it is the most relentless and tiresome of all jobs I’ve encountered so far on my parenting journey – bring back through the night feeds, all is forgiven!

It doesn’t help that I’m pants at it either – excuse the pun. Like I hinted earlier, I’ve stop/started this painful task so many times over the course of the last 12 or more months and not got anywhere with it and that’s not because of my little boy, it’s more his mother has lost patience and perseverance and excused herself with… “he’s just not ready yet”.

He was. I wasn’t.

He’s just turned 3 so I can’t keep putting it off or the poor lad will be a teenager before we get this right. 🙈

Granted I’ve been a little preoccupied these last twelve months with my youngest, Teddy, whose about to turn 1, so I can cut myself a little slack. But there has definitely been a little ‘CBA’ when it comes to the potty. See my previous blog to catch the joke!

Anyway, so that’s the background – I’ve been lazy! Feel free to judge I deserve it.

However, these last few weeks, I’m like a new woman and a new mum, kicking those Gremlins aside and getting things done. So out came the ‘Big Boy’ pants along with my determination to teach this kid to pee in a potty! Don’t know what’s changed, perhaps I’ve managed a 6 hour kip on a few nights over the last few weeks, but either way, jobs are getting D.U.N.N  (my surname… silly joke).

Back to the potty training – I’ve been preparing for this day for over a week [YEAR] and planned to attack it in small steps. Step 1-4 is the ‘Prep‘, everything after is the ‘Doing’.

Step 1: Started a week prior to the actual ‘doing’ of the potty training. First, we practised wearing our ‘Big Boy Pants’, pulling them up and down, which he seemed to enjoy. No doubt they felt much nicer to wear than a nappy in this heat.

Step 2. Using the potty before bath time. I did this to try and introduce the potty to him and what it’s used for. No wees at this stage but talking about it and making it a part of our routine, bringing it more into our dialogue.

Step 3. Fin-Bob loves kids Youtube and would watch it all day long if I let him, so I’m using his Ipad time to introduce potty training videos like Pirate Pete Potty Training.

This is my attempt to stealthily introduce potty training in his play/down time too.

Step 4: Buying his favourite cartoon or action figure themed pants so I can keep him engaged when talking to him about potty training. Fin-Bob loves Minions, so out come the Minions pants.

This is how the previous week looked. Here’s this week…

I kicked off the week with ensuring Fin-Bob, had plenty to drink, and put him on the potty every 10 minutes, until it was time to wee (a tip I nicked off a Google search). This went well until I was met with the fear of weeing on the potty.

Sitting on it he’s comfortable with, but when it comes to him needing to wee, he panics, cries and stands up missing the potty and hits the floor. Now this isn’t Fin-Bobs first time at it, remember like I confessed earlier, we’ve been here before. He’s happy to sit on his potty and has done, with an occasional wee on it too, but all that has gone to pot!

What I’ve read around the subject is that this is common, especially around his age. A top tip taken from the Baby Centre Community Forum is to put the potty in the bath, sit him on it and run warm water over his feet. This helps children relax and overcome the fear of weeing on the potty.

Of course, this is yet to work for me, because when the potty goes in the bath, he gets scared and wont go in it. 🙄 But it seems logical enough, so I will persevere with it, if need be. My mum, the clever clogs she is, explained “you now know that he’s contenant if he’s holding it in – which means he’s ready!”. Goodbye excuses, hello frustration.

So imagine what comes next if your continuously holding your wee in… the insentient holding of ones bits!! The boys hands are never off his privates now, and I know it’s all part and parcel of it, but it is only day two and I’m sick of seeing him yanking, rolling, holding himself. Hand washing in this house has gone through the roof! 🙄🙄

The next hurdle I’ve encountered mid-training is mixed messages. When Fin-Bob needs a wee, he’s now shouting “Poo! Poo! I need Pooo…!!” in his most urgent tone. Initially it was confusing, but when he threw his pants at me to put on quickly, that was his sign for an actual poo – we didn’t make it. 🙄🙄🙄 I feel positive about this though, because at least now we are passing the stage of sloping off somewhere private to poop – small things!

Then of course there’s my urgent voice when he tells me he needs a wee, or better still poo in our case. I’m like a whirl wind shouting “Potty!! Potty!!”, which he loves and laughs at. 😀

Glancing through some pictures Phil and I share with one another, I spotted a Toilet Training Chart which looked great! I don’t want to go down the path of giving a treat as a reward, because I know what he’s like – it would be expected all the time.  I assumed Phil had bought it off Amazon, we both hammer Amazon Prime when we need anything (next/same day delivery can’t fault it), and low and behold it was.

Like any kid, Fin-Bob responds really well to praise, and it’s always important to encourage your child when learning a new skill. So, I’m hoping with this new toilet chart it may bring an end to the FEAR.

But it’s only day two, I’ve still got a long way to go yet. Wish me Luck!

Definitely a rambling. Sorry Peeps

Got to go… Just had a nappy slung at me, it must be poop time…

I totally feel your pain… although I am feeling rather smug. After 2 failed attempts over the last 6 months, we have finally cracked it…. with one of the boys anyway. I hadn’t actually planned to start potty training again, but I had bought some new pull-ups that have Disney’s ‘Cars’ on them. When he saw them on the table he said he wanted them. I told him if he wanted to wear these then he had to do all his wees and poos on the potty which he agreed to… and has done now for 3 weeks, with next to no accidents! 

Poos did take some bribing… a penny sweet for a turd and a star on the chart with the promise of a new toy… hey, it worked! Although I’m pretty sure he’s turning them out in small, frequent chunks just to get a sweet, but hey-ho it’s working and he’s now coming to tell me he needs to go which I’m so relieved about. Just no.2 twin to do now… that’s not going to be quite so easy I’m guessing! 😫

I’m guna have to buy some bribes

Good work D.U.N.N!

You can tell Pips must be knee deep in potty training [poo]… she has only managed one, rather brief comment 🤣



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