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Tamanu Balm by Tropic

Tropic Ambassador (and lovely neighbour of mine), Louise, kindly sent me over a little pot of magic called Tamanu Balm to try out with the kids. Knowing that I had three year old twin boys in the house, I think Louise might have assumed we have lots of bumps, scrapes, splinters, bruises, rashes… and she assumed correctly! 

The balm comes with quite an extensive list of ailments that Tropic believe it is great for and the menu also claims that it is an ‘all-in-one skin saviour’. It retails at £16 for a small pot, so at that price I thought I’d give it a proper run for it’s money over a four week period.

The list doesn’t just cover your basic kids problems, but also a whole host of stuff us adults have to deal with too, so I took the opportunity to try and get my scabby, crusty self into order too, because having two toddlers has really taken it’s toll on my knees!

I also spotted that ‘Age Spots’ where on the list… perfect timing as my partner has just had his first appear, so it quickly became a whole family test run!

I feel I should warn you at this point that the rest of the blog contains gross images of my skanky bits… it’s a review people, needs must!

Bruises, Scrapes & Midgey Bites

The plan was to take some before and after pictures to show you how the product had worked. However, the after picture I took of Jay’s legs actually look worse! Not because the Tamanu Balm hadn’t helped sooth the bruises and aid faster recovery (because it did help) but because he is a bull in a china shop and has hypermobility, the clattering and tripping is a constant issue, so his legs are forever bruised.

The balm came in really handy for scrapes. Our patio flags are quite rough in texture so as soon as one of the boys trips over there is always a hefty scrape/cut.

Applying a thin layer of the balm helped take the pain out of the scratch almost immediately, it was good for the boys too as they like to apply it themselves and within seconds they were happily playing back outside (falling over again).

Something I found the product really great for is insect bites. We have been plagued with Horseflies because of the hot weather and I seem to be a really tasty treat for them. I’ve had numerous bites over the last few weeks and have used the balm immediately to help soothe the sting. It literally takes the sting and itch out of them within a minute or so.

For the smaller bites the itch never returned. However in the picture you can see a really sore and swollen bite on my foot. I didn’t have the balm to hand when this happened so was unable to treat it. The broken skin wept continuously and throbbed like hell. Once I eventually put the balm on, within an hour the weeping had stopped, the sting had gone and the swelling and redness had reduced considerably, I kid you not!

Scabby, Dry Knees, Cracked Heels and a Fungal Rash (I bet you can’t wait to read on!)

Having two toddlers, I forever spend my days on my knees… there was a time if I’d had knees like this it would have prompted a rather crass response from my friends, but alas now they just see me as a scabby parent.

I also suffer badly from dry, cracked heels (because I’m forever barefooted) and it was great timing when Louise dropped the balm off because I had woke up with a really sore foot from a new crack in the heel. I immediately used it and no word of a lie, within minutes the pain had gone and didn’t return.

I used the product on my knees and heels, twice a day for two weeks. The results were great! The cracks on my heels had completely healed up within about 5 days and my knees also looked loads better within a few days too (probably because of the oily consistency). The dryness has certainly improved in both areas, but as for my knees I think the damage needs longer to heal completely.

Since starting the gym earlier this year, I have suffered with a rash in the crease of my arm. I was advised that it was a fungal rash (same as athletes foot) and was given a well-known branded 2% Clotrimazole cream. I had been using that for about a month before I received the Tamanu Balm and whilst it would takeaway the redness it wasn’t actually getting rid of it. It would flair back up as soon as I thought it had gone and stopped using the cream. I switched to the balm to see if this would work and again, excellent results! Rash had gone completely within 2 weeks and hasn’t returned (but neither have I to the gym to be fair…. I have a child that doesn’t like to sleep anymore, I’ve no energy for that).

Corns, Verruca & other unknown things on my kids feet

Haribo had this weird yellow, hard lump on his heel. I assumed it was a verruca or something like that. I used the Tamanu Balm twice a day for 2 weeks but haven’t seen any change in it. That might be one for the doctor instead.

To summarise my thoughts…

I initially looked at the product and thought that it was too good to be true, however after a few weeks of use I can say I am a blieber… I mean believer (different blog sorry).

On those every day cuts, scrapes, bites, rashes etc it is brilliant and well worth having to hand. For some of the bigger skin ‘issues’ I can definitely see the benefit to using. It of course takes time for things to heal so don’t expect an overnight solution, although in fairness I did see very quick initial results on cracked skin and especially on the fungal rash on my arm.

If you’re like me and a bit sceptical of everything, then you are probably thinking that there are cheaper alternatives to the Tamanu Balm, and you’d be right. You can easily pick up something for scrapes, an over the counter solution for rashes, a product for dry skin in specific areas etc, but no product (that I know of) that does everything. I was also sceptical by the size of the pot, but after 4 weeks intensive use there is about 50% left in it. So I actually think that the £16 is value for money if you don’t have to buy several products and clutter up your cupboard in the process.

My only real negative was that the green, oily texture of the balm was a bit ‘of-putting’ initially and it doesn’t smell particularly nice. But the greasy feel doesn’t last too long once applied and the smell isn’t strong, so again once applied, is not an issue.

I should warn you that dogs love it too… I had two of them following me around trying to lick it off EVERYTIME!

I will definitely be keeping a tub in the house as a staple from now on, it has become my go to as soon as something comes along/happens.

Now, I know I promised you a review on the Tamanu Balm’s ability to treat age spots, but unfortunately Craggers took the hump at the very mention of trying it, so sorry folks I can’t tell you if it worked… I can tell you however, that Craig remains a member of the age spot club, aged 47 (and a 3/4).

If you want to find out more or purchase yourself a little pot of magic then get in contact with Louise, she is very lovely!

Get me a pot quick!! Your heels were minging… Looking good now though. Could do with some myself.

I’ll treat you for your birthday… next year  😀


Disclaimer: No payment was received for this post. A free sample of the product was provided in return for an honest review.


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  • Louise Buckley

    Thank you so much for your review and the lovely photos 😂

    By the way you can use the balm on the dogs!!! On sore pads (is that what their feet are called?), ears, bites, anywhere. All of our ambassadors use it on their dog’s ailments and even on horses!!! Maybe do a little patch test but I’m sure they will be fine if they’ve been eating it all week!!

    Let me know what the docs say about the foot spot. I’ve never seen that before 😊😊

    Lou xx

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