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BEAT THAT! – The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges


A couple of months back, Phil and I had the pleasure of meeting a very talented and fun-loving husband and wife game designing duo [Zack and Kate] at the BlogOn conference. Here they introduced their exciting new board game ‘Beat That!‘, which in our opinion is set to top the Christmas #1 for family party games. IT’S THAT GOOD!


Beat That!


Officially launched in September 2019, this brand spanking NEW activity game is the ideal party game, which can be played between 2-8 players and enjoyed both by kids and adults. The age range of the game is 11+, however, because it’s so versatile, you could easily adjust it and play with younger players. For example, my 4yo got it… naturally he wasn’t great, but loved it nonetheless. Its a great way to fine-tune those motor skills, and we all enjoyed it. You’ve just got to remember to ease-up a little on the competitiveness… if you can.

Beat That! 2
Beat That! 160 Challenge Cards + much more


Or better still, if you’re planning a night in, like us parents find ourselves doing most weekends. And you’re looking for something to entertain yourself and friends. Then this is the absolute go-to game! But be warned, things could get rowdy, relationships could be tested, but one thing is for sure, you’re guaranteed to have a wicked night-in. So… BRING OUT THE GAME!

Edward Cup Hands! No… it’s my friend Steve!


The box contains 160 dexterity based challenges which divide into 4 categories called: Edward Cup Hands; Huff & Puff; Mouthwash Karaoke and Bounce it Home. Each player has the opportunity to choose a playing card and bet whether they can ‘beat that‘ challenge in 30 seconds.

Beat That Demo

All players attempt the same challenge, so be prepared to embroil yourself in the ultimate battle of abilities. Players each receive 10 betting tokens, which they use to place their bets. If you win, you bank your tokens and the player with the most tokens banked after 10 rounds, WINS!

Beat that Pips
Pips Bouncing it Home!
Expert at work
Phil bouncing it home with a can… classy bloke!
Game faces on
The game is on when the girls tie their hair back!

BEAT THAT! Contents

There is a lot of equipment in this box so you certainly get your monies worth!

Beat That Contents

160 Challenge Cards • 80 Betting Tokens • 10 Playing Cups • 5 Plastic Balls • 4 Dice

 Chopsticks • Memo Pad • Sand Timer • Game Rules


Zack and Kate, the husband and wife game designers duo. Kate an Architect and Zack a former Managing Consultant, took the plunge into the gaming world back in 2016. Zack, fairly luke-warm about his current role, decided to leave the world of consultancy and dove straight into the world of game creations. With Kate at his side, they both launched their first adult game over 2 years ago called Gutterhead.

Within just over two years they now have 6 products under their belt. Beat That! is their latest game and one which they find especially exciting as they developed the concept for it whilst on their honeymoon. We, the Parenting Phils wish them both every success!!


This game is available in John Lewis and Amazon. But if your like me, and hate facing the shops at Christmas, then you can get it here ⇓

Retail Price for Beat That! £24.99

If your interested in looking at what other fantastic games Zack and Kate have created, then go check out their website ⇓


Honestly… we had such good fun playing this game. We absolutely love it, it’s right up our street! And with 160 challenge cards to get through your definitely getting your monies worth of ‘good times‘. In our opinion, the weekends just got better, thanks to this game! So get this on your Christmas list people!!! It will be a firm favorite to get you up and moving about after your Christmas Lunch.

Unlike other board games, because it’s very much skill-based (luck) then you will be able to play it time and time again without it getting boring or too easy because you’ve heard or seen all the questions before.

You Won’t Be Disappointed!!

Pips pretending she's won
I only won 1 round!! Don’t be fooled!!

I can honestly say that was the most fun I’d had in ages, a few drinks, good company and a belly full of laughs playing this game! Loved it!

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