• Popcorn-Eating ~Squirrels Go Nuts On Everest Book Review
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    Popcorn-Eating Squirrels Go Nuts On Everest by Matt Dickson

    Our bookcase is over-flowing and we couldn’t be happier! Especially when you are sent fab titles such as ‘Popcorn-Eating Squirrels Go Nuts On Everest’ by Matt Dickinson, to help fill it up with! We now have a few titles from Shrine Publishing and this latest release definitely lives up to the high standard we’ve come to expect, so we are thrilled to write this book review. About the Book Popcorn-Eating Squirrels Go Nuts on Everest is the second in the series by Matt Dickinson and it’s the popcorn-eating squirrels’ greatest adventure yet! A million pounds and popcorn for life is the incredible prize on offer if a team can meet the challenge:…

  • The Goblin's Blue Blanket
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    The Goblin’s Blue Blanket by Kieron Black

    I love that getting a new book is like getting a new bike to a three-year-old! I never realised just how excited a kid could get opening a package to find a book instead of sweets or ‘Ralph toys’, which is what he was guessing as he opened it. He wasn’t disappointed at all. The unveiling of this amazingly illustrated children’s book took place after nursery, around 4pm, which made the next 3 hours until bed time unbearable! All H wanted to do was read the book before bed, so it needed to be bedtime at 4pm, 4.05pm, 4.15pm and pretty much every 5-10 minutes for the rest of the…

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    Julia Donaldson: Credit Where Credit is Due!

    With the new year comes the New Year’s Honours List and there’s a few familiar faces on the list with Dame Twiggy and Sir Michael Palin just to name a couple of the big ones this year. Despite being a misery, I do actually really like the fact that we can recognise a persons contribution in this way and celebrate their outstanding career. I also really like that it’s not just the celebs that are given this prestigious credit, with charity workers, NHS staff and many others also getting a look in. I worked with several people during my time in the voluntary sector who had received OBE’s and MBE’s… and…

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    One for Sorrow

    We are thrilled to introduce a lovely children’s book called ‘One for Sorrow’, written by a gentlemen called Mr Gresty, who is an unpublished author from our neck of the woods – The North West, so naturally we tuned-in, to support our region! And we’re so glad we did! This simple tale tells the story of a Magpie called Sorrow. One day, Sorrow awakes to find he’s lost his Joy. So he sets off on a journey through the thick fog to find her. This heartfelt and sincere story has been intuitively written as a way of introducing the subject of mental health with your children. Something we can all agree…

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    Getting The Little Blighters To Eat

    To finish off our month-long ‘Rub-a-dub-dub, Thanks for the Grub!’ theme, I thought I’d share with you a book that made a huge difference to me and my approach to feeding the kids. At the time I purchased it the boys where just about to turn 2 and their feeding habits where starting to change and the fear of them becoming ‘fussy eaters’ was royally kicking in. The book I’m referring to is called ‘Getting The Little Blighters To Eat‘ by Claire Potter and it’s available on Amazon for £4.99, which was a bargain in my opinion, given the impact it had on us. Now I’m not a big reader,…

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    The Family Book by Todd Parr

    I really wanted to share one of my favourite kids books that I read with my boys regularly and they love it… it’s called ‘The Family Book’ by Todd Parr. Todd, from Berkeley (California) was originally an artist and this really shows in his books – bright, colourful and creative illustrations that my kids seem to really respond to. It’s a book that was recommended to me as a useful one for adopted children… and also as a same-sex parent family, but it goes beyond that. In my opinion it should be on the shelf in every family home and school as it’s an excellent way to start educating children…