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Toys that make my 🔥’Burns List’🔥

Out of all the toys your child or children have, I bet only a couple of them are played with the most. They’re usually the ones that cause the most mess when being played with, the most arguments because they can’t be shared, the most noise, the most tears, the most tantrums… you catch my drift? 🤦

Your child loves these toys but you hate them. You rue the day you bought them, or accepted them, unwittingly not knowing that this toy was going to cause you harm, physically and/or emotionally.

You’ve tripped, slipped, kicked and fell over it escaping near death umpteen times a day. You’ve chucked it in a bin bag and launched it out the house, for just a few minutes of piece before you lose your mind. 😭

Parents all know this toy. We’ve all tried to hide it, sell it or even break it (said under my breath)… shameless!🤫

Yes okay this toy is loved dearly and would break your kid’s heart if anything was to happen to it. So rather than do harm to said toy, which we all know we’d love.

We’re making a ‘Burns List’🔥 instead [Mean Girl’s Style] of which toys we hate and why.

Let it out mums & dads, this is a safe space… 👹👹👹👹👹

Here’s mine:

  1. Magnetic Letters 👹 A Christmas gift my 3 year old has played with daily since 25th December 2017 – 8 months! Sense my pain? 😏 We have two boxes of them, upper-case, lower-case and numbers… feel my eye starting to twitch already. 😣 I absolutely hate them, they’re everywhere!!! My partner thought it was a great idea to put them all together in an empty celebrations chocolate tub left over from Christmas. 🤬 Even the sound they make when Fin-Bob pours them out from height, is like nails down a black board for me.🙉 I’ve reduced the number of them from his tub, hid them, even binned some!! 🤫 But it’s like the magnet on the back freakishly pulls them all back together, and to my horror the box is full and all over the floor. I should have buttocks of steel for all the squats I do daily picking these little buggers up. 💪
  2. Play-Doh 👹 Another Christmas gift we asked for, because nursery told us he loves it. What were we thinking!!! It’s everywhere… I’ve even woken up with it in my hair, don’t ask. I’m over the fact he mixes the colours, though it did drive me mad, especially when they then couldn’t fit back in their pot and your splitting them over pots to get it back in. It’s more the case, I’m spending a small fortune on fresh tubs these days because the boy prefers new play-doh, not pre-played slightly harden mixed coloured play-doh. It has to be fresh, never been used play-doh every time! I’m raising a spoiled play-doh snob. 😏
  3. Duplo/Lego  👹 Has to be on every parents burn list… not because its one of those small toys that ends up all over the house, creates loads of mess, breaks your back picking it up. NO! Have you ever stood on a piece of Lego?? Wow that hurts. 😣 I’ve managed to stand, fall back and slip, with a scissor kick in the air, right onto my back in one full motion. Laminate flooring and Lego do not mix – be warned. So considering this toy has had me one step away from A&E… it makes the list!
  4. Beat-Bo 👹 It was Fin-Bob’s toy and now it’s Teddy’s, which is were the arguments start. 🤦 It’s not been picked up for over a year, but with its flashing tummy, tangible buttons and painful ear-ringing jingle, Teddy loves it and Fin-Bob’s fondness of said toy has been rejuvenated. Which leaves me to play referee all day long, until Beat-Bo has beat-bopped off into a dark cupboard. 👊 The word ‘SHARE’ is all I seem to say in every sentence, so here I am ‘SHARE-ING’ my number four with you. 🤣
  5. Toy Story Character Dolls 👹  I can almost hear you shout… “nooo… no one could possibly hate the Toy Story Character?!!” Well hate maybe too strong, because he does love the movie… but the dolls, well that’s another story. I’m writing number 5 with Phil in mind, because I know for sure it makes his list! 👀 It all started last Christmas… sensing a theme here. 🤔 Toy Story 3 was on the telly, and we recorded it. Fin-Bob was obsessed with it and watched it near on everyday. Grandma saw this and bought him the dolls from the Disney Store – Woody, Buzz, Jesse, Bulls-Eye and Lotso Hugging Bear. Phil and his boys came to visit, and that was it, War and Peace started. Phil’s boys already had Woody and Buzz, but not Big Jess!! Phil didn’t hear the end of it… “I need big Jess… I need big Jess” on repeat. “Woody… Woody… Woody… Buzz… Woody’s hat, woody’s hat” on and on for months… There’s been fisticuffs, tantrums, the occasional bin bagged moments as well as lots and lots of tears. Grandma Dunn has a lot to answer for hehe.😶

I HATE TOY STORY TOYS… you only have to look at our Instagram page to know this 🤣. We’ve got ALL of them (apart from BIG Bullseye, which I’m reminded daily about). For their birthdays some “friends” thought it would be nice to buy them BIG Zurg, Slinky Dog and Rex… because we really needed MORE LARGE NOISEY toys to fight over and scratch my coffee table! 🤬

Here he is… Burn it Baby! 🔥

And don’t even start me on that Mr Potato Head… we have THREE F******* SETS and we still fight over them because for some reason we only have one ear left. It’s never ending!

Don’t think I don’t know you put these on the list just to wind me up and set me off 🤣

I wouldn’t dare… 🤣

The other one I would add to this list is jigsaws…

Let it out… 😤

It’s great that the boys are really loving and nailing big jigsaws, mostly because it keeps them quiet and focused for quite a while actually, but they get EVERYWHERE and set my tidy OCD off something chronic!

Feel that release…

I’ve got them all nice packed in little bags but by the end of the day… after hours of stress trying to keep on top of it… they are all mixed up again. I spend a good 15-20 minutes after they’ve gone to bed putting them back in each bag because the reality is I wouldn’t sleep knowing they are in the wrong bag or the wrong box 🙈

Anyway, I hate this blog… it’s got me a hot mess just reading it 🤣

…And relax.🙏 

That’s all we have time for today, but if there’s anything you’d like to share on the 🔥Burns List🔥 let us know in the comments. 😬

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