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National ‘Celebrate that Rod’ Week- 3rd-9th September 2018

“They’ve made a rod for their own back”… 

A line we’ve probably all said ourselves about someone and a line that other people have almost definitely said about you and something ludicrous that you probably do with/for your kids.

It’s got to be hands-down one of the worst phrases in the world of parenting and one I ashamedly have used (and will probably slip up and use again). As a parent, it’s a line I dread to think people have used about us [me] and probably because I’m feeling a little bit embarrassed or frustrated by what it is I’m doing, that I try to avoid any reference to it or letting people in on our dirty little secret [lazy parenting].

Sometimes these ‘rods’ are just little ones that don’t really impact on the wider scheme of life and child raising, i.e. when Pips has to take two trips up and down the stairs because of a screaming [then] two year old who demands to be carried because his baby brother has been, or when she has to ring you back straight after EVERY phone call because the [now] three year old HAS to have the final goodbye and hang up… those are eye-rollingly hilarious (to me anyway). I can say these because I know she’ll get her own back on me at some point next week.

Regardless of whether you have big or little rods that you have created for yourself, the reality is you haven’t purposely set out to live your life in this way, you haven’t desperately wanted to cut your perfectly peeled apples in perfect 1mm slices for your children forever… but you did it at that moment in time and now the little demons… I mean darlings, won’t eat it any other bluming way!

The truth is we carry these rods (let’s face it nobody only has just the one) because we are either trying to get through the day without drama or sometimes it’s as extreme as basic SURVIVAL and sometimes we become perfectly happy(ish) with them, much to others disgust or amusement.

Here at Parenting Phils, we’ve decided to stop worrying about our rods and instead embrace and celebrate them, because despite of them, our families are surviving and even thriving! So we have decided to start a new annual campaign called ‘National Celebrate that Rod Week’ which will take place 3rd-9th September this year.

We welcome you to come and join us next week in sharing your rods, whether you need a shoulder to cry on or a place to just laugh you’re socks off about them… we are here! We’ll be sharing some of our big ones too, so you won’t be alone.

Spread the word to everyone, the more people we can recruit to celebrate those rods, hopefully the less people will feel the need to highlight them to you or behind your back!

Share, share and share some more on Facebook and use the hashtag #CelebrateThatRod on twitter and Insta! Lets do this!


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