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My BEST Buy: Chicco Next2Me Side Sleeping Crib

I’ve mentioned this product in a previous blog about preparing for a new baby, but I just don’t feel like I’ve sung it’s praises enough yet… so here is my full review.

When asked, ‘What was your best buy for baby?’, my answer was always the Chicco Next2Me Side Sleeping Cradle

The reason why?

It’s key features are ALL welcomed life savers when it comes to caring for your baby in the first 6 months.

It can be used like any other cot, except with it’s 6 adjustable heights, you can see into the cot from your bed or have it at a height that allows you to see through the ventilation window. It is a great way of keeping an eye on your baby through the night (because we all know we do it).

If your wanting to be closer to your baby, then this cradle offers you a much safer option to sharing your bed. The removable side function was perfect for when I was breast feeding, especially when winter sets in. Last thing you want to do is get out of your warm cosy bed to feed baby. With this, I could quickly get in to our position with no fuss and feed, without waking the rest of the house.

Always seek professional advice from your Midwife, Health Visitor or GP if considering co-sleeping!

Furthermore, its smaller than your average size cot, so if you plan to have baby with you for the first few months, the cradle wont dominate your room especially if your bedroom is on the snug side.

Another great life saving feature is the ability to adjust it to a slight inclined position, which is fantastic if baby has reflux, colic or feeling a little congested, and doesn’t want to be put down flat on their

option was AMAZING for me, especially with my second, because we went through a phase of reflux and colic when we moved to combination feeding.

The Next2Me is lightweight [8Kgs] and folds away flat with its own bag, which is great when your staying overnight somewhere. It fits great in even the smallest of car boots. It really is so easy and quick to assemble, with no fuss.

The mattress is perfect for baby, and far better than what you would get with most moses baskets on the market. In the first months I used to move it from my bedroom to the living room, because it felt much safer, sturdier and more comfortable than a moses basket, until baby was old enough to sit/lay nicely in a swing/rocker . Granted it is a little larger than your standard moses basket and would probably only work as an alternative if you have the room, so it may not work for everyone.

The only downside I can find to this product is the price, considering you only get 6 months at best from it, depending on the development of your child and when he/or she is able to pull themselves up into a kneeling/standing position. For safety reasons, that’s when baby needs to go in his or her cot. 

£139.95 for such a short period of use is an expensive purchase, but the first six months can be really tough, so anything to help you and baby feel more comfortable, is money well spent in my book… or it would make a perfect gift for any new parent-to-be!

I suppose another positive is, they’re so popular you can almost guarantee selling it on and getting something back. I’ve used mine with both my boys, and it is still in immaculate condition, which is incredible in my house, nothing seems to last!

So, if your planning on having baby with you in your bedroom and you’re looking for something that’s not as big as a standard cot, makes feeding through the night easier, and supports you during testing moments, then this is the BEST buy!

If I haven’t convinced you enough with all these fantastic key features, here’s a picture of me breast feeding to seal the deal.


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That picture is seriously frightening! 🤣

That’s my tired yawning face and it is scary… I bite too if not careful 😬🤣


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  • Felicity davie

    I got a next2me of eBay for £50 and replaced the mattress it came with the sheets too never used it was the best thing I bought too and used for the last 10 months great review xx

    • pips@parentingphils

      Thanks for your comment Felicity!! Can’t stress enough how much it was a life saver for me with both my boys!! So happy there’s another mum who agrees 😃 xx

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