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The Parenting Phil’s Philippa Caught in a Compromising Position

I should point out right from the start that this post has nothing to do with Pips and her ungodly antics, but hopefully you’ve opened this post because of the scandalous title and are not too disappointed!?! The truth is the only compromising position you’ll find her in these days is slumped on a sofa with one finger jacked up her nostril! Rather, I wanted to write [rant] about ‘click bait’ and in particular how it’s being used by some ‘parenting’ pages on social media (see the tedious link!).

So what is ‘Click Bait’?

The dictionary explains it as‘content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page’ or as I would put it, ‘teases you for clicks and very rarely delivers’!

Now I know making something sound appealing is marketing 101 but I’m feeling pretty strongly that some people/pages abuse this massively and are actually misleading us and often exploiting others in the process.

Now I’m sure some of you marketing-genius-types will say ‘duh, that’s marketing for dummies’ but I’m sick of clicking on something that sounds so promising, then having to read a load of b*llocks and jump past a million adverts (often clicking on them by accident and having to start again) before finally getting to the point which is more often than not a load of BS or such a disappointment that it sends me to the kitchen to eat my feelings of rage.

If you’re promising me gossip then give me the goddamn gossip!!! And make it juicy so that it’s not only click worthy, it’s possibly even share worthy!!!

After that rant I’d probs best get straight to my actual point!

Click Bait on Parenting Pages

Recently I was scrolling through Facebook and a post by a parenting page (that shall remain nameless) caught my attention. Now this page is slightly different from us as it’s not a blogger or a person sharing their personal thoughts, its a ‘proper’ page with it’s vision to ‘inspire’ families.

The post that caught my eye was a picture of a school girl, including her face, with the strap line for the link reading ‘Girl, 14, was told to sit in isolation who is ‘too big ‘ for her school uniform’. They had obviously shared the link but they went on to write in their description on FB the girls full name.

When you clicked into the story the first sentence read ‘[Girls Name] says she has been crying for the past five days’. And here is the real start to my massive problem!

Yes the poor girls mother has clearly sold her out and opened her up to more ridicule by going to the press to try and shame the school, when actually she’s setting her daughter up for fail!

You can only imagine the comments that then followed on FB. Some calling the school everything under the sun, most passing their judgement on the girl being size 24-26 at 14, most blaming the parent for letting her get to that size and a few nice people saying she’s beautiful.

There is so much wrong here for me

As a page set up to inspire and support families, why would you actively promote this story and condone what the mother of this poor girl has done. If they feel strongly that the story should be discussed then there is a way to do that which doesn’t mean naming the girl, showing here face off on FB and then opening up and not managing the comments on your site, which are most awful!

I wouldn’t mind but LITERALLY two nights before the Jesy Nelson from Little Mix documentary was shown and there was an out cry and realisation for many about the impact social media has on everyone and especially on teenage girls!!!

In true Phil (gobshite) fashion, I commented these views on the page, tagging them in it. Did they respond, did they b*llocks! A few people tried to defend the page saying they are just sharing a story and that the mother was to blame.

Yes the mother is the devil in my opinion, but this page took the time to write her name in their FB post, share an image and neglect to manage their comments appropriately.

Are parenting pages just so desperate for clicks and likes that they disregard the well being of the people they are trying to actually reach to support or entertain?

I know as a parenting blogger how keen [desperate] you are to increase likes, shares, clicks etc because that’s when the money and freebies start rolling in, but after watching the Jesy Nelson documentary and really thinking about it, I’m going to try and be so mindful about what we post and share on social media.

Let’s learn some lessons people!

Anyway, that’s my rant over and if you’ve stayed with me until the end, then thank you… and here’s a couple pictures of Philippa in a compromising position as I don’t want to send you off to the kitchen to eat your rage and disappointment! Ah, the good old uni days不不

Pips compromising position 1

pips compromising position 2

Shame on you for creating a click bate of me in a compromising position to get people to read your rant! 不

It’s just too easy!不

I did nearly post the title ‘The Parenting Phil’s Phil Caught in Man-Sized Baby Grow’ but I was worried it would set Erica off again!不

Other than that… Bravo my friend! Finger back up nostril 不

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