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Dads Like Presents Too!

Last year was my first Father’s Day and to say I was excited to receive my first set of extra gifts for the year was an understatement! My birthday is only a few weeks before Christmas, so it’s a long time to wait to get gifts again… it’s rare I get an acknowledgement on Valentines Day (other than the odd inappropriate card) and Easter can be hit and miss with an egg (or at least one of any quality chocolate!).

As the day approached I spent hours (slightly exaggerated) pondering what my other half was planning with the kids; a nice meal out? a lavish gift? a homemade card or present of some sort that he’d spent time making with the boys?

I’d also been hinting for some time that I would love a night away in a nice hotel, on my own, to just sit and drink beer in my pants on the bed, watching TV and ordering room service (Tea AND Breakfast, obvs… and maybe a snack or two) and sleeping in until late morning. No-one talking at me, requiring me to run around after them, no dogs sat on top of me as soon as I sit down to relax, no kids or dogs under my feet everywhere I move, being able to use the loo in peace without an audience… sounds like heaven doesn’t it!

Well the truth is, my thoughts weren’t a hundred miles off… I guess.

So, there was no homemade card or anything that required any sort of effort really. I did get a mug… which I could have happily accepted had the photo on it maybe featured me with the boys and statement like ‘Worlds Greatest Dad’, however, it had a picture of Craig with the kids on and the words ‘You’re the Worlds Bestest Daddy Ever’ on it. Hmmm, so anyone who sees the cup will think Craig is the ‘bestest’ daddy ever, right? He still doesn’t see the problem with it *rolls eyes*.

Now my hints were not in vain. In the [shop bought] card was a folded piece of paper which was basically an IOU note saying that I could have the night away that I had dreamed of… PERFECT… or so I thought.

Alas, nearly 12 months on that dream never came into fruition. Partly because the right time didn’t present itself, partly because we were still in our first year with the boys and I was reluctant (but not beyond persuasion) to leave them for something so self-indulgent, but mostly because IT WAS NEVER GOING TO F* HAPPEN!!!!! I did try and cash it in about 8 months later, but was told in no uncertain terms that offer had expired!

*takes deep breath and continues*

It’s probably a good time to confess that I also bought Craig a card and a Brew Dog beer & glass box set from Sainsburys, but hey ho I was managing two-year-old twins all day, everyday… so shopping for gifts was the last thing on my agenda… ‘aint nobody got time for that!’ haha. Also, in my defence that glass still gets used at least once a week! The mug however, still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth so has been relegated to the back of the cupboard.

The purpose of this post is to give due warning to all children & significant others that Father’s Day is on it’s way again- 17th June 2018. Remember that Dad is a person too and requires nice things from time to time.

The ulterior motive behind this post is really to put down in black and white my ‘hints’ for Craig this year and also have a platform to hold him to account should he try the ‘it’s expired’ line again!

I’d obviously love the night away option still… but I’m coming around to the idea that it’s not very family orientated and given the nature of Father’s Day maybe I should be less selfish and expectant of expensive gifts *rolls eyes again*.

So, here are my top 10 ideas that I think I would happily accept this year and I’m sure the dads in your household will too… I’ve also sourced them on Amazon too for all you busy [lazy] people… you’re welcome!

Superhero Mug – £6.99 – Dads drink tea & coffee as well as beer, so a mug is not a bad option (they can also drink beer in it too… bonus). Here’s one that I like, that thankfully doesn’t feature Craig’s face!

Bluetooth Lightbulb Speaker – £16.99 – That’s right it’s a lightbulb AND a Bluetooth speaker… genius! As long as I don’t have to use that ignorant b**** Alexa to turn it on then I’d be happy! (Sorry for the offensive language but try using one with a scouse accent!)

Yorkie Chocolate Bouquet – £19.99 – Who doesn’t love a good old sexist [it’s not for girls] chocolate bar to munch on! Granted its a bit pricey for chocolate but you have to admit it looks pretty cool! I’d nail it! You can also get a Toblerone one too… AMAZING (but slightly less manly don’t you think haha)!

Daddy Photo Frame – £10.99 – This requires a little more effort than just an amazon click… unless you’re like me and go with the ‘I thought you might like to pick which photos you want to put in it’ line. But it’s a sweet gift really (not as sweet as the Yorkie Bouquet though…. NOM!).

Superhero Sidekick T-Shirt Set – £19.99 – Personally I think this is my favourite… although they don’t do options for twins, damn-it! I guess we could buy 2 sets and be a family of superheroes… or is that too cheesy? OK, I think I know the answer to that one already… guess I’ll just pick which kid I want to team up with on that particular day (probably the least whiney one).

BBQ Tool Set – £24.99 – I think it’s fair to say you can’t go wrong with something BBQ orientated… it’s the right time of year and a set like this will last for years! If your feeling flush… just go the whole hog and get a new BBQ… Heston has released some belters!

Clinique Happy for Men Aftershave – £41.25 – A more pricey option, but again you can’t go wrong with aftershave and this is my absolute fav! Beware if you are buying this for your dad though, because he is going to smell pretty hot so may lead to PDAs with mum/other dad/significant other!

Wireless Headphones – £43.99 – Now I’m a gym bunny (honestly) I’m loving my bluetooth headphones but these bad boys are also wireless and to top it off they are reduced from £99.99!

Hot Sauce Set – £25.00 – Men are well hard aren’t they… so a sauce set of hotness could be a great gift to help test that theory!

Craft Beer Selection – £17.00 – As I mentioned earlier, I got Craig a similar gift to this last year and he uses the glass all the time… I often have glass envy so one of my own would be excellent! A gift that keeps on giving… as long as it gets topped up regularly!

If none of these take your fancy and when all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a good old voucher- so Dad can buy his own crap… winner!

Make sure you let us know your genius ideas in the comments below (I’d happily steal a few ideas for Craig this year… after this post I think I’ll have to make the effort).

Happy Father’s Day everyone! Have a great day!

Looking for more inspiration? Check out some great gift ideas over at Whimsical Mumblings

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