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The Feeding ‘Rod’

Trying to get kids to eat the good stuff… or even eat at all in some cases, is tough! It is a very easy category to ‘grow’ multiple rods for your own back in, but hey, if they eat something green that’s a parenting win, right?

Here’s some of our ‘Feeding Rods’… make sure to tell us yours in the comments section below!

#1. Pudding- I use pudding as a bribe, I swore I wouldn’t and it goes against everything my food bible (‘Getting The Little Blighters To Eat’ by Claire Potter– full review coming in October) tells me, but it’s happened and I do it! I grew up having a pud after every meal and so started this as soon as the boys moved in with us, much to Craig’s dislike. Now every meal seems to be laced with emotional blackmail and negotiations around what/how much they have to eat to get dessert and on the rare occasions I’ve had to follow through to the bitter end [no pud] then all hell brakes loose and I end up giving them a sneaky yogurt or something 10 minutes later to appease my own guilt. 

#2. Vegetables- The struggle most parents deal with I’m sure is trying to get a 3yo to eat veg willingly. In our house we opted for the ‘hiding’ them approach but this kid just ain’t falling for it! Now every meal time sounds like we’ve invited the crazies over as the whole family is sat focused on Fin-bob making encouraging ‘mmmm’, ‘yummmy’ and ‘ooooo’ noises about how delicious are vegetables are, asking him every two minutes how yummy his veg is. We sound like nutters… especially in restaurants , but hey, it does the trick! 🤪🤣

#3. Chewy Vitamins- During the boys transition into full days at nursery, I was most worried about the morning because Haribo demands breakfast the moment his eyes open, so the thought of getting him dressed, into a car and to nursery before he eats was frankly terrifying! So I started giving them a chewy vitamin first thing and made a big deal of it, and thankfully it worked. However, now I’m left with two kids squawking for ‘sweeties’ on a morning. No amount of telling them they are not sweeties and trying to get them to say ‘vit-a-mins’ stops them asking for ‘sweeties’. I guess it’s not a problem for us at home, but god knows what other people think if they do it elsewhere or tell people they had sweeties for breakfast. 

#4. ‘Nana Sweets’- I bet my mother-in-law (not actually by law… yet 😜) thought it was lovely at first when the boys loved seeing her and getting to find sweets in her handbag, probably not so much now as they charge towards her (post-knee replacement op) screaming ‘Nana Sweets’ and god forbid she ever dares to rock up without any! I bet she has a stockpile now! At least it’s one rod I haven’t actually created, although I definitely capitalise on it with the ‘there’ll be no nana sweets for naughty boys’. 

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