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    Wall Art by Pug Pup Prints

    Finding the right art work for your home or as gift for someone can be really tricky. For a while we’ve been wanting to find a nice piece to hang in the boys new play room so we were thrilled when we were sent a fab piece of wall art by Pug Pup Prints. In our house we are superhero mad, so when I saw the option to include a superhero picture that shows us as a family into the boys room, I knew it was the right one. It now hangs a constant reinforcement to our adopted children that we are a forever family, so wall art doesn’t get…

  • Skipping the Potty
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    Skipping the Potty

    Over the last 6 months we’ve moaned non-stop about potty training and all it’s joys and in a previous blog, I [over]shared with you about the twins both suffering from toddler diarrhea and my concerns about potty training. In hindsight, post-potty training, I think I made such a big deal of it in my head when the reality was that the process wasn’t quite as painful as I expected and I’m glad I followed my gut and just waited until they were both ready. HOWEVER, what people don’t tell you about potty training is that whilst it’s great that you no longer have to change a sloppy nappy, cleaning a…

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    Photo Keepsakes from My-Picture.co.uk

    When My-Picture.co.uk asked the Parenting Phils to team up and review a product from their website, I thought great, this place has just the thing I’m looking for! Over the last few months I’ve been putting together a memory box for the boys, which has things in it like the outfit they wore leaving the hospital, first toy, cards, sentimental gifts from family, all those sorts of things. The things I basically can’t part with. Then I came across the ‘Photo Blanket’ on My-Picture.co.uk and again thought ‘great’! This would make a fab addition to the boy’s memory box… and clearly so did BOTH of them as when it arrived, this…

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    Kid’Sleep – Classic Sleep Trainer

    Review: Claessens’ Kids Kid’Sleep Classic Sleep Trainer Sleep is for losers… said no one… ever! I love my sleep, my god I NEED sleep! Pre-kids I was a 10 hours a night kinda guy and now I’m still in need of a good 8… but probably average about 6-7 hours now thanks to the Claessens’ Kids Kid’Sleep Classic Sleep Trainer … or as we call it in our house, ‘The Rabbit Clock’. The boys were bought this clock at Christmas by Aunty Helen (with a gentle prompt from Daddy!) which was perfect timing as we had gone through a period of poor sleep with Haribo, which I wrote about a…