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Love It or List It… (or Just Get Over Yourself)

The ‘Curse of the Itchy Feet’ has reared its ugly head once again… sounds like a great Hollywood blockbuster, doesn’t it??

Well I’m afraid it’s not quite so exciting but has produced a fairly epic dilemma in our house again… it occurs fairly regularly and usually results in a year or two of Craig saying ‘no‘, followed by us doing some costly work to the house, followed by us moving house within the next 6 months!

Now before I plead my case to you and gather your support and sympathies for the ‘tragic’ living conditions I suffer, I should really ‘fess up and say that we live in a really lovely 4 bed detached new build house and have lived in it since it was newly built 3.5 years ago… that’s the part you probably want/should tell me to ‘just get over myself’, but hear me out!

I do love our house, our neighbours are great, the boys new school is fab and its pretty central to where we need to be in terms of motorways, shopping etc.


I genuinely feel that in the longer term it’s not our ‘forever home‘. Already as the boys are getting bigger you can see how we will quickly out-grow the house, not necessarily the downstairs as there is plenty of space, but upstairs.

It’s a 4 bed and if you do the math that still leaves us with a spare room once everyone has their own (although I am pushing for separate rooms for me and Craggers… I think it’s the way forward for couples?!). But that spare room has to fulfil so many roles; a space to hang laundry up out of the way and to pile the never-ending dirty clothes that rack up every day, storage for SOOOO much stuff (because Craig won’t let me board up the loft), an office for Craig who works from home 2-3 days a week and most importantly as a spare bedroom!

It’s no secret now that my wish would be to move back over to Liverpool but I’ve accepted that ain’t happening, so it does mean that we need a space for visiting friends and family, which we have regularly! If Pips comes to stay with her family then that’s 4 people we need to accommodate… and believe me that girl knows how to fill your house!

Fighting Off My Itchy Feet

So here’s Craig’s defence and my response;

“There’s so much stamp duty to pay”... 1. Stop being a scrooge we can afford it and 2. The cost of moving house might not be as bad as you think!?

“I’d have to work longer to pay a bigger mortgage off”… Errr yeah! You’re working ’til at least 70 mate cos I ain’t spending 24/7 with you!

“It takes so much effort moving the furniture and then having to decorate again”... Last time we moved I don’t think you packed a box, the removal companies did the hard work and I seem to remember you disappearing in the afternoon to ‘sort keys’ whilst me and the removal guys did everything! And don’t start me on the hardship of decorating, I never seen you with a brush in your hand!

There are probably more points in his defence but I tend too drown him out by focusing on Right Move… which to be fair I’m forever catching him on, so I know he’s tempted!

Love It or List It

Last night we were watching the new series of Love It or List It with Kirsty & Phil… loves me a bit of Kirsty & Phil, I do. And we got talking about applying to go on because we are definitely in that conundrum of one loves the house and doesn’t want to move and the other just can’t see how the house will work for them and whether the work required on the house would be worth it.

There is so much we could do in terms of extensions to make it a great 5 bed home but the fact is the cost might not be worth it when it comes to selling the house in the future… although I guess the point is that you wont be moving in the foreseeable future? But then that thought sets my itchy feet off into overdrive!

Is it just me or does anybody else get itchy feet for change after a few years? It almost feels at times that you are becoming suffocated by the environment you see EVERY day… maybe I need to go back to work rather than move?

Anyway, I’m seriously considering applying for Love It or List It so if you see a slightly overweight gay guy moaning on about how hard done to he is in his newly decorated, detached 4 bed new build house that makes you want to scream and launch at your telly… then that’ll be me! Sorry (not sorry).

Okay, I’ll shut up and get back in my box… (this is what I say knowing that in a year or so we’ll have moved and Craig will be of the impression that it was all his idea😈… or at least I’ll have got the loft boarded😃).

I feel your pain about needing a bigger house – we have totally outgrown this house, which is why we are trying to make better use of the space… FYI my heart bleeds for you, having to put up with a brand new 4 bedder, it’s an outrage! 🙄🔫

Rightmove… its an addiction, I have that bad! 🤷

We should start RMA… Right Move Anonymous… It seriously is addictive, I’ve deleted the app so many times but keep relapsing!

Think you and Craig need to save yourselves 12 months of the same conversation that’s been on repeat for the best part of, let’s face it… your relationship!! And just start looking for a Palace!! 🤐

A palace has a nice ring to it my friend… but I’m not sure Craig has got enough years in him to get a mortgage big enough haha (old man joke)

🤭… You have my thoughts on Liverpool. 🤨


Good luck with this predicament… it’s a tough one!! (Not said through gritted teeth and reeking with undertones of sarcasm at all. Honest!) 🙄🤣


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