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Top 7 Things to do along the M62 Corridor this Summer

The summer holidays have landed… I’m only just starting week three and already pulling my hair out thinking of what to do with the kids. I’ve been researching a bit and recounting some previous great days out, so thought I’d share with you the top seven places I intend to visit over the next few weeks.

Driving too long with my two can be a trauma at times so I’ve looked for simple routes, all along the M62… starting East and moving over to the West (and all places I can get to before Toy Story 2 finishes and all hell breaks loose).

#1 The Deep- Hull

I really love this place. I visited with the boys a few months back and they loved the space to run around and screamed ‘Nemo’ and ‘Dory’ all the way around.

A family ticket online is £40.50, which seems a bit pricey for realistically half a day out(with younger kids). However, with a family ticket it actually gives you 12 months unlimited access.

The café was a bit naff IMO, so I’d recommend saving yourself £20+ and take a packed lunch.

Well worth a visit, the main tank is amazing… get the kids to try and spot the turtle as you descend through the venue.

#2 Yorkshire Sculpture Park- Wakefield

This place is huge, set over 500 acres of woodland, fields and landscaped gardens – so be prepared to have a full day out exploring. 

Throughout the year, there are free events which celebrate Art and Sculpture which visitors can join in on the fun. This years ‘season of play‘ has various events on all summer from Outdoor Sculpture Building to a Family Art and Crafts Studio suitable enough to entertain the kids during the school holidays.

I took the boys with Pips, but because they’re only toddlers there wasn’t much for them to do, but we still had great fun exploring the area. Top tip though, if you can manage it, don’t bring a pram unless you plan on sticking to the paths.

My advice, because its so big is plan your visit so the children can make the most of what event is on that week, you can easily become lost in the surroundings.  

If you’re just looking for a scenic picnic location with lots of open space to blow those cob webs off, and tire the children out, this is the place for you.

The café wasn’t massively pricey from what I could see (we took a picnic) but the food looked and smelt AMAZING!

You pay for the car parking, £11 for the whole day, and then entry is free.

#3 Tropical World/Roundhay Park- Leeds

Tropical World has to be one of my all time favourite places to visit with the kids. Under 5’s go free and adults are about a fiver and then you have the lovely Roundhay Park right outside to enjoy (for free) which is a great picnic spot!

The boys love running round the seamless route and seeing what is up next. They particularly love the meerkat section… who doesn’t love a meerkat, right!?!

Beware though, there is an evil large grey/blue bird on the loose that I believe purposely intimidates you! I have a friend who was chased with his little boy out of that particular section by said evil bird!

Avoid bringing the pram, it can get very busy and its tight to navigate round. Plus its really really warm be prepared for the tropical heat. Great place though!

#4 Eureka- Halifax

I haven’t visited Eureka (The National Children’s Museum) before but have heard amazing things about it. It is somewhere I have been meaning to get to for some time and I am determined to do it this summer!

If I’m honest the thing that really puts me off is the price. It will cost me £39 for just me and the two boys. I think £5.25 for a 1-2 year old and £12.95 for a 3 year old is extortionate! Not quite sure why they bother showing on their website that 15+ is £12.95 when they may as well just say 3 and over is £12.95!!!

So if I do get there this summer it will be for the FULL DAY… with plenty of food packed with us!

Looking forward to it though!

We’ll get there… eventually 🤣 

#5 The Trafford Centre- Manchester

There is so much on offer at the Trafford Centre for kids of all ages! There are the big touristy attractions like Legoland and the Sea life Centre, great indoor and outdoor activities such as the Chill Factore, Go Ape, indoor sky diving and a fantastic area for all kids called the Play Factore (which IMO is one of the best indoor play centres I’ve been too… apart from the narky staff/police in the café area!).

On top of all that, you can also go see In the Night Garden… LIVE! (until 19th August). We went last year and the kids absolutely loved it… well worth a visit!

If your planning a visit to the Trafford Centre – there’s currently an offer on Groupon giving 44% off entry price for the Play Factore offer ends 16th September 2018:

Also, remember the Trafford Centre can get particularly busy during the weekend and parking despite there being miles and miles of car parking spaces surrounding the centre, can be tough! Especially if there’s an event on at Media City – so if you do plan a visit bare this in mind.

You also have all the shops and restaurants at your finger tips… Pips and I (and the kids) are partial to an all you can eat Thai buffet! Nom!

Trafford Centre Food Court is amazing – something for everyone!

#6 Knowsley Safari Park- Knowsley

Knowsley Safari Park is a place I absolutely loved as a kid and probably haven’t been back since the early 90’s! My family have been recently and raved about it and how its changed so much. I can’t wait to go back and see for myself and watch how the boys react to seeing some of those animals up close and personal!

It is a bit pricey, but online advanced bookings bring it down a bit- £14 for 16+ and £10.50 for 3-16’s. Free for under 3’s… take note Eureka!

I think the price will be well worth it as there is so much to experience, even just remembering how it was 20 (ok, 25 years ago) is getting me excited to go check it out!

Never been myself… but I know a few people who have come a cropper with the monkeys pulling their window wipers off, and anything else they can get away with🤣 

#7 Liverpool Museum- Liverpool

I’ve never visited Liverpool Museum and EVERY TIME I say that to Pips she squarks “You’ve never been to Liverpool Museum?!!” back at me. I’m assured there are tonnes of things for kids to do so I’m going to hand over to Pips to tell you more about this one…

Yeah… coz it’s sacrilege!! 

My mum used to take my brother and I during the summer holidays when we were kids and we loved it!!

There’s so much to see there like Dinosaurs, Tomb’s from Ancient Egypt, and my own personal fave the Planetarium along with much much more. Lots of things to get young minds going!

Currently there’s a huge exhibition of the Chinese Army, which you can read full details in my review.

And of course, next door there’s the Walker Art Gallery which has the most breath taking sculptures and collections of art from the 13th century.

Free entry, open 10-17:00 weekday/19:00 Saturday. It’s a family friendly action packed day which the kids will love.

Hope you all get to go enjoy some of these fantastic attractions! Let us know what you plan to get up to and any recommendations you have! Have a great summer everyone!

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  • Lucy At Home

    Ooo some great suggestions here. We’ve not done the Trafford Centre because I thought it was just a shopping centre but now I know there’s stuff for the kids too, we might have to try this out.

    Eureka is expensive but once you’ve bought your ticket, you get free entry for the next 12mths. We love that because it means we always have somewhere indoors to take the kids when the winter weather descends, plus you can take your own food with you and sit inside so it really does become like a free day out.

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