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    Self-Care: The Importance Of Looking After Numero Uno!

    The other week Phil asked me if I fancied doing a co-written piece with him on self-care for our blog, which I thought was a great idea because it’s been on my mind A LOT these days. Before I start though, it must be known that I am that typical disheveled mother, who wishes to be the yummy mummy but is too bloody knackered to do something about it, and the list of jobs and mothering boys (1&3) far out-way, well, ME!   Until this happened… A few months back a comment was made to me that literally THREW ME, and I thought something drastic needs to be done! I…

  • Adoption and the NHS
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    Adoption & the NHS

    Before people start getting upset with me, I feel I should start this post with a disclaimer. I am a huge supporter of the NHS. I am very appreciative of the free healthcare we get in the UK and I want to protect our NHS desperately from the likes of Theresa May, who let’s face it, would sell it off to companies like G4S to line the pockets of people like her husband! OOOOsh Now that’s out of the way… BUT… it can be absolutely ridiculous at times and I’m feeling the need for a rant! For those that might not know, when a child is legally adopted they receive a new NHS…

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    Mother’s Day – A Personalised Gift Idea

    Ladies and Gentlemen, soon the day will be upon us where we all celebrate just how wonderful our old Mum is, as Mother’s Day fast approaches on the 31st March. Now before you pop the shops for your box of chocolates and bunches of flowers, let me tickle your taste buds with something different. Something more sentimental and long-lasting, like a quality piece of affordable jewellery. I was really excited to be given the opportunity to try a piece of jewellery from our friends at Engravers Guild of London, who offered to engrave a beautiful locket with my own personal message. The service I received and the quality of the product is the reason why…

  • Scary Flowers
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    “Scary” Flowers

    I wouldn’t blame you for thinking a post titled ‘Scary Flowers‘, posted a week after Valentines Day, would be all about how I didn’t receive any flowers from my beloved or how the ones he got me where ‘shocking’ in some way (the shock being that he actually bought me some obvs). Well, you would be wrong… in most part. For the record I didn’t receive any flowers, rather Craggers opted to buy the person who is desperately trying to lose weight and resist the urge to drink on school nights, chocolate and gin! Do you remember that documentary called ‘Fat Girls and Feeders’ years ago… they could totally film…

  • The Goblin's Blue Blanket
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    The Goblin’s Blue Blanket by Kieron Black

    I love that getting a new book is like getting a new bike to a three-year-old! I never realised just how excited a kid could get opening a package to find a book instead of sweets or ‘Ralph toys’, which is what he was guessing as he opened it. He wasn’t disappointed at all. The unveiling of this amazingly illustrated children’s book took place after nursery, around 4pm, which made the next 3 hours until bed time unbearable! All H wanted to do was read the book before bed, so it needed to be bedtime at 4pm, 4.05pm, 4.15pm and pretty much every 5-10 minutes for the rest of the…

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    Team ‘LOVE IT’: Peaky Blinders

    I’m sure the title got you Peaky Blinders fans excited for our final instalment of TEAM LOVE IT!?? Well I’m really sorry to disappoint but I’ve never actually watched it… although Tom Hardy is in it so I’m not sure why I haven’t? Instead I’m going to talk about something slightly less thrilling but that can really transform your home, both visually and economically… your windows. I remember being a kid and having to wipe the window sill with a towel to mop up the puddle of water most mornings because of the condensation. Those days are long gone for most people thankfully but the world of UPVC windows has…

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    Team ‘LOVE IT’: Get SMART (with your heating)

    Now some of you may have already read from my previous blog that I’m #Team[will]LoveIt as we are currently overhauling the house from top to bottom. Granted it feels like it’s moving at a snail’s pace at the minute because we’re doing most of the work ourselves. Which as you can imagine is not easy with a young family and a job to contend with. Still, at least it’s happening whatever the pace feels like! By the end of January, the plan is to have finished all of the upstairs landing and bedrooms, the stairs and downstairs hallway – fingers crossed! This will bring us to the dining and living-room…

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    Team ‘LOVE IT’: A Garden To DIE For

    Earlier this month I posted about wanting to go on Kirsty & Phil’s ‘Love It or List It’… well the message I received was loud and clear! So this week Pips and I are going to share some home improvement ideas that we are planning this year to help us stay on #TeamLoveIt. One of the things I love most about the house we are currently in (as pokey as it is🤣) is the garden. For a new build house the space outside is pretty decent which you don’t always get with most developers! We were fortunate that when we bought the house part of our garden was retained by…

  • Skipping the Potty
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    Skipping the Potty

    Over the last 6 months we’ve moaned non-stop about potty training and all it’s joys and in a previous blog, I [over]shared with you about the twins both suffering from toddler diarrhea and my concerns about potty training. In hindsight, post-potty training, I think I made such a big deal of it in my head when the reality was that the process wasn’t quite as painful as I expected and I’m glad I followed my gut and just waited until they were both ready. HOWEVER, what people don’t tell you about potty training is that whilst it’s great that you no longer have to change a sloppy nappy, cleaning a…

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    The Top 7 Tag

    Can you believe it’s really 2019 already? I mean seriously, I’m sure by 2020 we were supposed to be zipping around on hover boards like something from Back to the Future… and I don’t mean on those imposters that are really on wheels and are prone to exploding whilst on charge! I can’t believe 2020 isn’t actually that far away, Pips will be turning 40 and I’ll be on the slippery slop too clinging on to my 30’s for one final year… yikes! But let’s not dwell on that just yet, it is only January after all and I was recently tagged by fellow blogger Rachael from Lukeosaurus And Me to take part…

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    Love It or List It… (or Just Get Over Yourself)

    The ‘Curse of the Itchy Feet’ has reared its ugly head once again… sounds like a great Hollywood blockbuster, doesn’t it?? Well I’m afraid it’s not quite so exciting but has produced a fairly epic dilemma in our house again… it occurs fairly regularly and usually results in a year or two of Craig saying ‘no‘, followed by us doing some costly work to the house, followed by us moving house within the next 6 months! Now before I plead my case to you and gather your support and sympathies for the ‘tragic’ living conditions I suffer, I should really ‘fess up and say that we live in a really lovely 4…

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    No ‘New’ Years Resolutions Here: I’m D.U.N.N

    I used to love January… It used to be one of my favorite months of the year. Simply because it signalled a fresh start, a new plan, a new ‘me’ so to speak and it all used to start with my New Years Resolution! The problem is… I am Philippa DUNN. A woman who loves ideas, plans, resolutions, but does not live up to the name of getting anything DUNN! I’m pretty pants at sticking to any new years resolutions, and more often than not, the promises and plans made fall by the wayside or simply don’t get DUNN. So much so, I am practically drowning in my new years’ resolutions…

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    Julia Donaldson: Credit Where Credit is Due!

    With the new year comes the New Year’s Honours List and there’s a few familiar faces on the list with Dame Twiggy and Sir Michael Palin just to name a couple of the big ones this year. Despite being a misery, I do actually really like the fact that we can recognise a persons contribution in this way and celebrate their outstanding career. I also really like that it’s not just the celebs that are given this prestigious credit, with charity workers, NHS staff and many others also getting a look in. I worked with several people during my time in the voluntary sector who had received OBE’s and MBE’s… and…

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    The (Other) Queen’s Speech

    IT’S CHRISSSSSTTTTTTMAAAAS!!!! Wohooooooo!!! I’m sure by the time you’re reading this the novelty of Christmas has probably worn off? And who could blame you after an early start, a morning of clearing up shredded wrapping and breaking down boxes, maybe trying to see family and trying to get more food than is necessary ready for the feast! I’ll assume that you’ve probably already had a few cheeky sherries (or whatever tipple is traditional and acceptable in the AM in your house)… if you haven’t, then what are you playing at? Go pour yourself a glass of something festive and get ready for this queen’s speech!!! Today we get to hear…

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    Last-Minute Stocking Fillers For Kids 🎁

      LAST WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS!! Are you just about to start your ‘last minute’ shopping for Christmas?… Are you struggling with ‘stocking filler‘ ideas for your kids??… Fear not… the ParentingPhils are here to help!!! With a little assistance from our friends at Amazon, we have carefully selected some fun and reasonably priced stocking fillers you may want to consider whilst buying your last minute gifts. You never know, this list may buy you some time to brew up before the unwrapping onslaught extravaganza begins🤞 Last-Minute Stocking Fillers   The Home Fusion Company – Kids Christmas Socks It’s not Christmas if your stocking filler doesn’t contain the obligatory Christmas socks! Check these festive…