• Skipping the Potty
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    Skipping the Potty

    Over the last 6 months we’ve moaned non-stop about potty training and all it’s joys and in a previous blog, I [over]shared with you about the twins both suffering from toddler diarrhea and my concerns about potty training. In hindsight, post-potty training, I think I made such a big deal of it in my head when the reality was that the process wasn’t quite as painful as I expected and I’m glad I followed my gut and just waited until they were both ready. HOWEVER, what people don’t tell you about potty training is that whilst it’s great that you no longer have to change a sloppy nappy, cleaning a…

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    Small Steps to Potty Training

    Not quite sure where am going with this blog… whether it be a rant, ramble, confession, advice, personal experience, who knows! It’s probably a little bit of everything. What I do know and can say quite confidently is, that I HATE POTTY TRAINING! Currently I am writing this blog from the ‘Pip’s Potty Training Hub’, on day two of actual full on potty training. Not threatening to do, or preparing to do, but actually ‘doing’ potty training. I say this because I’ve been attempting to do this for such a long time, and nothing has come of it and I have to say it is the most relentless and tiresome…

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    The Brown Stuff (and I’m not talking about chocolate!)

    I’m going to start this blog with an apology… because I am about to spend the next 700 words or so on the subject of ‘POO’… and not just poo… but Toddler Diarrhoea… in twins! Yes people it’s a real thing and I have it twice over and coming at me from every direction! So, needless to say, read on at your own peril! We were aware of the boys diagnosis of Toddler Diarrhoea from the word go, the foster carer had given us plenty of warning about the smell but she did fail to mention the volume and frequency… which I think are pretty important details to know when…