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The (Other) Queen’s Speech


I’m sure by the time you’re reading this the novelty of Christmas has probably worn off? And who could blame you after an early start, a morning of clearing up shredded wrapping and breaking down boxes, maybe trying to see family and trying to get more food than is necessary ready for the feast!

I’ll assume that you’ve probably already had a few cheeky sherries (or whatever tipple is traditional and acceptable in the AM in your house)… if you haven’t, then what are you playing at? Go pour yourself a glass of something festive and get ready for this queen’s speech!!!

Today we get to hear Lizzie giving her thoughts on the last year and her hopes for the next, but I’m not going to lie, all I use it for is sleep fodder! It’s a proper snooze fest lets face it! I mean it’s a nice tradition and it’s good to check she’s still with us but I can’t help feel quite cynical about what she has to say sometimes.

But I didn’t blog today to disrespect our beloved auld girl, rather take inspiration from her and share a few things I’m thankful for this year and my hopes for 2019.

The start of 2018 marked a new chapter for us, our adoption was finally legalised through courts after a really stressful and emotional 9 months, so we could finally move on as a family.

Over the year I’ve had some real highs… starting this blog with my bestie, got the boys settled into nursery and even started my book (which I’ve been threatening to write for years now), joined the gym and stuck to it (well for 5 months anyway, which is a record!), had our first family holiday abroad and have got to watch my new nephew (who was born at Christmas) grow up to be a right little cutie… even though he clearly has an issue with his uncle Phil because he cries at the very sight of me sometimes.

As a family we’ve also had some really tough times this year too; sleeping issues, ‘threenager’ issues and in October our  hardest time as parents came when one of the boys was scalded with hot gravy in nursery (don’t ask, I’m still to write the blog about it… waiting til I’ve finished ripping them a new one first!). We spent some time in a specialist children’s burns unit and I can honestly say it was not only the hardest thing I’ve gone through as a parent but probably in my whole life. Watching the poor little man in agony had a really deep impact on me…. but I’ll stop with the doom and gloom now because IT’S CHHHHHRRRRIIIISSSSTMAAAAS!

Today is really special. Watching the boys enjoy the excitement of Santa, opening the tonne of presents and spending the day with family and whilst it might not be their first Christmas, it’s definitely the first where they really understand what is going on.

They are growing so fast and I can’t believe in September I’ll be putting them into uniforms and packing them off to school! I’m not really worried about them, they’ll love it… I’m more worried Craggers will make me go back to work! haha

Anyways, I’ll stop prattling on and let you get on with your day… and if you’ve got this far and yet to nod off, don’t worry, Lizzie will be on about 3pm to finish the job!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year everyone!

5 months at the gym my ARSE!! I’ve just chocked on me mince pie reading that!! Think this Queen is telling a few porkies!! 

It’s been a good year my friend, and I’m looking forward to next year! 

All the best!!

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