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    The Parenting Phil’s Philippa Caught in a Compromising Position

    I should point out right from the start that this post has nothing to do with Pips and her ungodly antics, but hopefully you’ve opened this post because of the scandalous title and are not too disappointed!?! The truth is the only compromising position you’ll find her in these days is slumped on a sofa with one finger jacked up her nostril! Rather, I wanted to write [rant] about ‘click bait’ and in particular how it’s being used by some ‘parenting’ pages on social media (see the tedious link!). So what is ‘Click Bait’? The dictionary explains it as ‘content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to…

  • Adoption and the NHS
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    Adoption & the NHS

    Before people start getting upset with me, I feel I should start this post with a disclaimer. I am a huge supporter of the NHS. I am very appreciative of the free healthcare we get in the UK and I want to protect our NHS desperately from the likes of Theresa May, who let’s face it, would sell it off to companies like G4S to line the pockets of people like her husband! OOOOsh Now that’s out of the way… BUT… it can be absolutely ridiculous at times and I’m feeling the need for a rant! For those that might not know, when a child is legally adopted they receive a new NHS…

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    Julia Donaldson: Credit Where Credit is Due!

    With the new year comes the New Year’s Honours List and there’s a few familiar faces on the list with Dame Twiggy and Sir Michael Palin just to name a couple of the big ones this year. Despite being a misery, I do actually really like the fact that we can recognise a persons contribution in this way and celebrate their outstanding career. I also really like that it’s not just the celebs that are given this prestigious credit, with charity workers, NHS staff and many others also getting a look in. I worked with several people during my time in the voluntary sector who had received OBE’s and MBE’s… and…

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    The FT Parent Roast

    Since joining the blogging world I’ve discovered a new phrase, so to speak, which I’ve found most used in the parenting bloggers community. It’s a phrase I find quite unsettling for a number of reasons, but rather than rant, rave or ‘roast’ (which I purposefully titled to get your attention). I’d like to explain why I feel unsettled by the phrase and why it is something we as parents or bloggers should STOP using. I’m sure my opinion will divide many, so I’m wearing my armour ready for the back lash. But please hear me out… The phrase which I’m referring to is ‘FT’ [Full Time] Parent. There’s a number…