Skipping the Potty
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Skipping the Potty

Over the last 6 months we’ve moaned non-stop about potty training and all it’s joys and in a previous blog, I [over]shared with you about the twins both suffering from toddler diarrhea and my concerns about potty training.

In hindsight, post-potty training, I think I made such a big deal of it in my head when the reality was that the process wasn’t quite as painful as I expected and I’m glad I followed my gut and just waited until they were both ready.

HOWEVER, what people don’t tell you about potty training is that whilst it’s great that you no longer have to change a sloppy nappy, cleaning a potty full of poop up is TEN TIMES WORSE!

I had read somewhere that children with toddler diarrhea often grow out of it once potty trained and actually there is something in that. I have found that we now have firmer poops but the frequency is still high with both boys averaging between 3-5 a day EACH!

So cleaning up-to 10 poops out of a potty every day was not something I was going to manage but fortunately I found a great product on Amazon called a Potty Training Toilet LadderThere are different versions of them available, but the one we got was by Hillington, priced at £15.95.

Potty Training Toilet Ladder

It’s basically a toilet seat for toddlers, attached to an adjustable ladder so it fits every type of toilet and is super easy to put together. Our toilet is quite high compared to most, so it was always going to be a struggle for the boys to hop on by themselves.

Haribo was the first to start using it and it’s fair to say he loved it, the independence it gave him. Within a few weeks he was happily just going to the toilet for a wee on his own without any need for me. I’m also no longer allowed in the toilet when it’s no.2 time, but he gives me a loud shout when he’s ready for my assistance.

Jay, on the other-hand, whilst he got the hang of using the ladder quickly, doesn’t seem to have the patience his brother does. He jumps off too early so wees everywhere and if he sneaks off to the toilet for a no.2 without you realising, and has on several occasions pulled his pants back up and headed back off to continue playing. It wasn’t until I noticed the door open and the light on that I realised what had happened!

But let’s not blame the seat for that, and more my neglectful supervision!

I can honestly say ditching the potty straight away and going straight to the toilet made life and potty training so much easier. Best 15 quid I’ve spent on a bit of plastic! The boys will use it for a while yet so we will definitely be getting our monies worth!

Whether your child has a condition like toddler diarrhea or not, this seat is a great for toddlers, it allows them to learn some independence when using the toilet, makes cleaning up a doddle and folds away easily enough to allow for tidying away.


Easily stored toilet ladder

Good God… that’s an image am never going to forget! (you on the kids potty training ladder). 😵🤮

Come on, like you wouldn’t try it! haha

I’m well aware of the circumference of my ass unfortunately 

Great product!! Thank’s for the recommendation on this one!! 🙂


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