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Team ‘LOVE IT’: Get SMART (with your heating)

Now some of you may have already read from my previous blog that I’m #Team[will]LoveIt as we are currently overhauling the house from top to bottom. Granted it feels like it’s moving at a snail’s pace at the minute because we’re doing most of the work ourselves. Which as you can imagine is not easy with a young family and a job to contend with. Still, at least it’s happening whatever the pace feels like!

By the end of January, the plan is to have finished all of the upstairs landing and bedrooms, the stairs and downstairs hallway – fingers crossed!

This will bring us to the dining and living-room areas come February. My thinking and I know my partner is thinking the same but just needs that gentle push, is while we only have two rooms to do downstairs why don’t we look at how we currently heat the house, and try and get a little ‘smart’ when it comes to our heating systems.

So in these last few weeks, Gaz has been looking around at ways we can control our heating remotely, and there are tons of options out there that can be tailored for your home and needs. We’ve seen how smart heating systems have worked for some of our friends, and the benefits its brought for them – so of course, we want the same!

I mean let’s face it, there is nothing worse than walking into a freezing cold house with the boys after being out all day at work or nursery. The first thing I do is go straight to the gas boiler switch the heating on, crank up the thermostat and try to defrost the house! And yes… we could always use the perfectly good timer on our boiler and schedule the heating to come on at a certain time. BUT HEY…

Looking at how we will use this new found all singing and dancing smart heating technology – there’s a mouthful!  We’ve thought about how we want to use it and how best it will fit our little 1930’s house. Currently, we’re looking at Honeywell. Here’s what we’ve learned so far…


The Honeywell as an example works by installing smart thermostatic values onto each radiator, these talk to a thermostat that is linked to your existing boiler. This then connects to the smart radiator valves that are placed on each radiator you want to control through the house, you can pick and choose which radiators to use.

Once each of the radiators you want to control has a smart thermostat, then you can use your smartphone and the Honeywell app to set temperatures in each room separately. The system works by opening and closing your valves for you to adjust the room’s temperature. Now, I have heard people say they can hear the valves opening and closing in the night so I’m not sure how noisy they can be. 🤷


The smart radiator valves simply replace the existing valves on your radiator, the documentation says this can be done without spilling water but it’s not something we would attempt ourselves. There is also a smart box that connects to your boiler, the internet and all the radiator valves that makes all points of the system work together.

Unless you’re already a central heating fitter, then I would always recommend using a professional.


These systems don’t come cheap but if they are an option for you then they are worth the investment as they all claim to be able to save you money on your heating, and most people will be up for that, right?

When I priced up our house, (3-bed semi) it came out at about £60 per radiator, this was for the valves, the bridge (the smart box that connects to the boiler) and the installation.

It’s worth noting, that smart heating systems can connect to most boilers but not all. If you have an old boiler, that isn’t compatible, then that’s when this may become a bit more expensive than anticipated. But hey, if you are investing in a system to make your house efficient, then having an efficient boiler would be a big step forward.


You have a couple of options here, if you have the confidence to know what you need, then you can buy the equipment from a retailer like Wicks and then source an engineer to install it all, this may work out a better price sourcing it all separately.

Alternatively, like Honeywell, as an example, they have a website you can use to build what it is you need for your specific requirements, as well installation.

Simple… right?! Ha… This DIY lark is teaching me loads!

Again, stress there are tons of smart heating systems on the market that will suit your individual needs, so shop around and do your research in finding what’s best for you. We are all different after all.

Anyway, next stage for casa Dunn overhaul… a Crowd Funding page, pronto! This sh*t just got even more expensive! 🤣

Jeeze look who’s done her homework… or did Gaz tell you all that?🤣

Gaz of course! I’m not that boring.

We have the Honeywell system in our house and it’s pretty awesome for controlling the temp in each room- particularly the kids bedroom! Even better that you can just tell Alexa to make any changes… no wonder I’m bordering on obesity!😫🤣

Alexa isn’t moving into my house when we start getting ‘teched’ up according to Gaz… R2D2 is 

My only warning is that the knobs can be too easily broken by a small child, they should be much tougher IMO! They are pretty captivating for a little one!

Yeah especially with my lot… apologies for that!!


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