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Team ‘LOVE IT’: A Garden To DIE For

Earlier this month I posted about wanting to go on Kirsty & Phil’s ‘Love It or List It’… well the message I received was loud and clear! So this week Pips and I are going to share some home improvement ideas that we are planning this year to help us stay on #TeamLoveIt.

One of the things I love most about the house we are currently in (as pokey as it is🤣) is the garden. For a new build house the space outside is pretty decent which you don’t always get with most developers! We were fortunate that when we bought the house part of our garden was retained by the builder as the show room car park on the proviso that they landscaped it for us when they had finished with it… which they did and we now have a lovely garden design.

Garden Design

However a few years on it could do with some TLC. The garden is normally Craig’s domain, he loves pottering about in it with his flower beds and veg patch (we’ve still got enough sprouts to feed the whole estate!). However, early last summer I decided to get my hands dirty and paint all the fences and sleepers a nice grey colour to mirror the living room and create a flowing effect. Ooo get me, Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen eat your heart out!

What planet was I on when I thought I could do that?

Paddling Pool

By the end of summer I can say I managed just about half of it, so we have spent all winter looking out at a half painted mess… totally should have got a gardener in to do it. It would have been done and dusted in a few days and we could have enjoyed it all summer. Instead I opted to place myself in the centre spotlight for more ridicule… I have mean friends!

So that’s job #1 for spring… finish painting!

Job #2 is the patio!

It’s probably my only real dislike about the garden. We’ve never done anything with the patio that the builder laid as standard and IMO it’s definitely not the best quality! In summer we had numerous grazed knees because of it’s really rough texture and in winter months it just goes really green and slimy and we have to spend 4 months of the year sat looking at it… gross! (Even the dog doesn’t look happy about it during this photo bomb!)

Dirty Patio

I’m not sure how keen Craig is on doing this job? I can already hear his Yorkshire tones telling me that all I want to do is spend money… what can I say, it’s his own fault, he’s spoiled me! I used to be a Blossom Hill kinda guy, do you get me? haha

Anyway, I’m sure there are plenty of cheap gardeners out there that will get the job done without disrupting the bats in his wallet too much! And if he resists, then he’ll end up under my lovely new patio, Trevor Jordache style! And that will make it a garden to die for! 😈🤣

We didn’t finish painting our new fences last year. Don’t know what Gaz was playing at!!

Our garden needs something… maybe a few raised beds to give it some depth. Like you, the garden is Gaz’s domain, and I’m not really allowed to give any input because it’s ‘his’ space. Luckily the kids are my voice these days and everything begins and ends with … “but the boys need this”… that’s how I usually get my way. Try it, works a treat!!


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