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Team ‘LOVE IT’: Peaky Blinders

I’m sure the title got you Peaky Blinders fans excited for our final instalment of TEAM LOVE IT!?? Well I’m really sorry to disappoint but I’ve never actually watched it… although Tom Hardy is in it so I’m not sure why I haven’t?

Instead I’m going to talk about something slightly less thrilling but that can really transform your home, both visually and economically… your windows. I remember being a kid and having to wipe the window sill with a towel to mop up the puddle of water most mornings because of the condensation. Those days are long gone for most people thankfully but the world of UPVC windows has changed substantially over the last 20 years!

Before we moved to our current home we built a fairly large extension to the back of the old house. We called the project a ‘Contemporary Glass Extension’,Ā not a sun room, not a conservatory and not an orangery! One reason being because we had knocked down part of a wall between the kitchen and the new space and the other reason being that, well, we were being snobby haha.

The fact is when we went to sell the house the name quickly changed to a conservatory because we would have had to seek planning permission for an extension, although we did have to take out some indemnity insurance out to get the sale over the line.

What I loved about the [coughs] conservatory in the old house was the bifold doors and glass roof. It was really lovely when it was completed (clearly not enough for me to take a picture of though as I only seem to have ones of the construction!).

The dark metallic grey look that we chose made it feel really modern. The downside was that it was a south facing garden so it was like a sauna as soon as the sun came out… even in winter and because of the glass roof you could hardly sit in it by lunch time!

We then moved to another home with a south facing garden and even wider bifold doors, but not the glass roof, so whilst it gets really warm in sun light, it’s more manageable.

The problem with the doors we have now are that they get really cold on a winters evening and I’m sure I can feel a draft, so I’m pretty sure we need a specialist out to have a look. However we are really toying with the idea of putting some nice new bifold doors in, much like the ones we had in the old house, with much thinner frames to give a more modern feel to it. I’m not a massive fan of the traditional/standard white UPVC frames if I’m honest.

You should have worked out by now that I have delusions of grandeur… so Craig will probs just make me stick some blinds up, or worse, force me to wear trousers in the house in winter rather than shorts!!!šŸ˜±šŸ¤£

What Home Improvements Do You Have Planned For This Year?

I’m sure there are plenty more home improvements that Pips and I should crack on with, but we already know that she can’t get things DUNN and I’m… well, I’m a bit of a princess! haha

Let us know what home improvements you have planned this year and whether you areĀ #TeamLoveIt or #TeamListIt?

For those of you who are still disappointed that it wasn’t a post about Peaky Blinders then I’ll leave you with this…

Although now I’ve seen the picture, I can see why people seem to be more #TeamCillian rather than #TeamTom!

It was a fab conservatory, I mean, orangery, sorry glass extension… hehe.

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who still have to wipe condensation off the windows in the morning before it turns to black mold. This is the problem with buying old houses and needing new windows. A job that’s getting done at the end of the year for us.

But hey… guess what?!! I’ve finished two pieces of furniture and by the end of next week, all of upstairs and hallway will be finished. Not downing tools just yet though, because we’ll be heading straight into the dining room come February.Ā 

Check you… it’s nearly Feb and you still haven’t given up on the old New Years resolutions!! haha

This DIY lark never ends…

If you are looking for more ideas to enhance your home and keep you on the side of #TeamLoveIt then check out this great post from Lisa’s Notebook!


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