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Ten things that make me happy

I’m often considered [wrongly IMO] a ‘miserable git’, so when Katie at Heels & Hooves tagged me to take part in the ’10 things that make me happy’ blogger challenge, I thought I’d rise to the occasion and prove I’m not such a misery after all. Wish me luck I might get stuck by no. 6, but here we go, in no particular order…

#1 The Terrible Twins

Of couse the boys had to be numero uno, whilst they drive me up the wall, stop me sleeping, interrupt gin time and all the other parenting woes, they bring so much to my life and I can’t imagine life without them.

Being a FT dad is hard some days, but I am really lucky to be able to dedicate my life to the gruesome twosome and as I’m typing this, I am looking over at Haribo sat picking his nose (and eating it)… not a day goes by where they don’t make me smile (and throw up in my mouth a little). Loves them I do!

#2 My beloved

Kinda feel like I should throw Craggers in the mix *rolls eyes*. He actually got a nice mention in my last blog so I’m worried it’s going to his head. What can I say about Crags, well for 8 years now he has made me laugh with his bad dad jokes (long before he became a dad!). If you have read our adoption journey blogs, then you will understand how much his sense of humour and laid back style balances me out and keeps me sane sometimes. Even when he tells one of his long-winded, Yorkshire man style [epic] stories, that normally start with a description of the weather on said day, he makes me smile.

#3 Everton Football Club

Not really sure why I have added these in a ‘things that make me happy’ post, because the reality is they are a bunch of underachievers and a regular disappointment… but hey, I’m from Liverpool and our chosen team is our LIFE!

#4 Home

Rightmove is my nemesis, a day doesn’t go by when I’m not looking at the most recently added homes and sending them to Craig (whilst he’s trying to work). His response is usually just a simple and clear ‘no’.

I don’t know why I do it because the reality is I do really love our house. The garden is great, the local area is really up and coming in terms of amenities, we have fantastic local parks and ‘stuff’ to do and it is now the place where we are making our memories as a family and the home the boys have spent the majority of their life in after a rough start. So it looks like we are staying put.

#5 Netflix

Not the chill version… just your average Netflix I’m afraid.

How great is Netflix! Normal TV really just gets on my nerves now, full of adverts, too many channels to mooch through, soaps (hate them, sorry) and all the new good stuff either goes onto Netflix, Amazon or similar or you have buy them. And don’t get me started on the SkyQ boxes that just drop out constantly, normally right a critical moment in Love Island!

Netflix has everything I need… all the superhero stuff I love, tones of stuff for the kids and loads of great originals like Orang is the New Black, Grace & Frankie, Glow… the list goes on.

The only thing I’m not happy with on Netflix at the moment is that they no longer have all the Ru Paul’s Drag Race seasons on- just s8-10 and there’s only so many times I can binge watch them. In fact ,Ru Paul’s Drag Race could actually be a separate # itself… I absolutely love it.

#6 Family & Friends

Suppose I should stick these lot on too… but in all seriousness, I am very fortunate to have an amazing group of friends and a really supportive family.

I don’t always get to see my friends and family as they live a good hour+ away, but they are the sort of people that it doesn’t matter how long time passes by, you can pick up where you left off! 💙

Laughter is so important to me and each of them manage to make me laugh no end!

#7 Alcohol

Now if I was listing these 10 things in order, then you can bet your ass this would be higher up the list. Alcohol is my friend, it doesn’t take me an hour+ to get to… although that probably wouldn’t be a bad thing haha.

Tipple of choice has to be a Coors Light, a nice glass of Malbec and a G&T… all in the same night (kidding obvs 😬). Loving the Pink Gin too… this does make me happy.

#8 Skiing

Prior to kids, I was very fortunate to get to enjoy a number of really great holidays; Orlando, Rome, New York are just a few to mention. But I think my favourite has to be the skiing holidays we went on with friends.

Bansko in Bulgaria was our destination of choice and we have returned to stay in the same place for 3 years in a row (until kids ruined it). We would stay in a place called the Devonshire Lodge, owned by a lovely English couple Glynis and Nigel and they really made the holiday seamless and special… well worth checking out if you’re thinking of giving it a go!

I won’t bore you with all the stories of successes, falls… panic attacks… but I will say is that a ski break with a great group of friends is a trip you’ll always remember! I can’t wait until the boys are a little older and we can take them over and when we do, you can expect a great review to follow!

#9 Sleep

Sleep makes me happy. It’s not just something we do and I’ve learned this the hard way as a parent. Sleep is happiness… without it your ability to function and enjoy the good things disappear. Most of the things on the list could make me happier, or I them, if only I could get a decent night sleep. Finger crossed tonight could be the night (I’m not holding my breathe though).

#10 My Fellow Parenting Phil

Pips has been my bestie since I was 17. We met at college and she got me a job at the bar she was working in… hence our poor college grades. We went to uni together and got a job together in a bar there… hence our poor uni grades.

She has been my confidant, support and someone I can have a real good (safe) bitch with.

In our younger years we fought like brother and sister but that’s because she is like a  sister… although I have 3 great sisters already!

No one, and I mean NO ONE, can make me laugh like Philippa does… I’m not sure people have always ‘got us’ and probably in our uni years, even liked us… but we thought we were hilarious anyway haha.

Right that’s me done… time to challenge a few fellow bloggers to share with us their top 10!

Rachel at My Crazy Brood

Shel at The Willow Tree

Joanne at Same Person Different Me

Awww Phil… I made the top 10!! 🤗 You did made me sweat like… bottom of the list!! 🤣 No particular order of course 🤔

Am I the sister from another mr? 🤣🤣

The post man!

The only words to describe us at college & uni are ‘absolute gob sh*tes’. Children have definitely grounded us both.😴😴😴

Your top ten is very very similar to mine, because I too like Craig very very much 🤥🤭🤫😂🤣

…and Everton!? You heard it here folks, she’s changed her colours!

We didn’t do too badly in our results. Yeh we weren’t straight ‘A’ students by any stretch, but we came away with more than that… We got skillz 🤣🤣 Ain’t nobody who can do a flamin’ lung like we can!?!🤣😎🙏😵💨

Oooosh a flamin’ lung… good times 🤣

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    • Phil @ ParentingPhils

      Thanks Becky. I’m not great at saying nice things but blogging seems to be bringing it out of me haha

  • Kate Holmes

    I love that this reads in a really honest way rather than a trying to fit what you should say. Never gone skiing but everyone says I should and maybe my current mid-life crisis will take me there. Happiness matters – that and the making of fine memories. Popping over via Bloggers on Thin Ice

    • Phil @ ParentingPhils

      Thanks Kate. I was never ever interested in skiing but tried it with a friend at a local indoor place and loved it. You cant beat a pint on the slopes!

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