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Can you believe it’s really 2019 already? I mean seriously, I’m sure by 2020 we were supposed to be zipping around on hover boards like something from Back to the Future… and I don’t mean on those imposters that are really on wheels and are prone to exploding whilst on charge!

I can’t believe 2020 isn’t actually that far away, Pips will be turning 40 and I’ll be on the slippery slop too clinging on to my 30’s for one final year… yikes!

But let’s not dwell on that just yet, it is only January after all and I was recently tagged by fellow blogger Rachael from Lukeosaurus And Me to take part in the Top 7 Tag challenge for bloggers to reflect on 2018 and share their hopes for 2019.

So without further ado, here it is…

My Top 7 Posts From 2018

Now it would be pretty selfish of me to only share posts that I wrote and not include Pips… so here’s 6 of mine and 1 of hers instead… JOKES Philippa before you start haha.

top 7 tag - Dumbing Down

#1 Dumbing Down?

This was probs one of my first semi-serious posts. It had a great mix of (IMO) comedy but giving me a chance to express how I was feeling at the time which I struggle to do in honesty. It also captured the bants and support between myself and Pips, which is what we really wanted to get over in our blog.

#2 CBA: Because I CBA’d to think of another title

This was one of Pips first posts and we had such a laugh writing it because it was so true and sums Pips up perfectly haha.

#3 Accepting the Past, Loving the Present, Shaping the future

This was a guest blog by a friend of mine who had also adopted two children. Her words gave me chills in this beautifully written piece!

#4 Saying the Right Things

Most of my posts are normally daft, ranty or tongue in cheek, but this one I wrote at a time of heightened emotions as it was a big milestone for us. I was pretty overwhelmed with the support I got from people who read it! Thank You!

#5 Can I Be Bothered?

This was another guest post, during our Rub-a-dub-dub, Thanks for the Grub! campaign and was written by my big sister Jenny. I should say that all 3 of my sisters have written a guest post for us that were all brilliant, however this one struck a chord with me as a dad to 3-year-olds and really made me reflect on the things we DON’T do because of my own hang-ups around mess and stress!

#6 Superhero, Super Inappropriate?

Not sure why I liked this one so much… probably because I got to talk a whole lot about Marvel! haha

#7 The FT Parent Roast

I chose this one, not because I particularly loved what Pips had to say- in fact we clashed on her first draft! But we decided to try and make a vlog about it to get over her thoughts and my response… but we got so hammered whilst filming that we ended up practically unable to string a sentence together sat in the kids teepee. Good times!

Drunk Parenting Phils

7 Things I Loved in 2018

#1 Getting the house decorated from top to bottom… by someone else! We were living in a big white soul-less box and it was so nice after 2 weeks of fairly minimal disruption, to sit and enjoy being in our home and loving it!

#2 Watching the boys grow, learn and really come out of themselves- I can’t believe how much they are changing so quickly! And they use the toilet themselves now! AMAZING!

#3 Starting this blog of course, it’s been a challenge but an enjoyable one. Made more fun for doing it with my bestie… although she does crack the whip from time to time haha.

#4 All the great Marvel films we had out in 2018! Black Panther, Infinity War (Part One), Ant-Man and the Wasp, Deadpool 2!!! I’ve got to admit I still haven’t managed to see the Venom film yet… crappy marvel fan I am!

#5 Our first holiday abroad with the kids… in truth it wasn’t our finest hour but it was a milestone we overcame that I was nervous about, but taught us so much… onwards and upwards!

#6 Going to the footy! Craig got tickets through work for us to go see Man City V Everton at the Ethiad Stadium. It was cold and we got hammered by city but it was the first match I’ve been to in 15 years and I really enjoyed it!

#7 Dining out at Man Behind the Curtain for Craig’s birthday. Its a Michelin star restaurant in Leeds by chef Michael O’Hare. We’ve been wanting to go for years! It was expensive but the whole experience and the food was amazing and created so many memories! 15 amazing courses!

Man Behind the Curtain 2019

7 Things I’m Looking Forward To in 2019

#1 HAWAII BABY! Craig has done brill in work this year… I take the mickey out of him non-stop but he does work hard(ish), I guess. Anyway he has secured an all expenses trip to Hawaii for us in February through work and the kids are off to a holiday at Grandma’s in Liverpool! It’s going to be EPIC!

#2 School! Looking forward to and slightly dreading it… but the boys start primary in September. The school we have chosen is lovely and I’m so pleased with how they have settled there at preschool. Just don’t know what I’m going to do with myself through the week!?

#3 A new adventure. With the boys starting school I really want to use this year to find something I can do that doesn’t involve going back to the career I left behind. A few things in my mind but writing (and completing) my first book IS going to happen this year!

#4 Jason Donovan! Pips and I are off to see him in concert in February for her birthday! How exciting!

#5 Christmas! Yes I know it’s only January, but the boys loved it last year and I can only see over the next few years, it getting better and better as they understand more and more… plus this year my grotto is going to explode outside… I’m talking American imports!

#6 Continuing to develop and grow the blog with Pips. It’s been really exciting starting to work with brands now that we’ve kind of established our style. Also plans to develop the site in time to celebrate our one year anniversary in April are pretty exciting too!

#7 Possibly a ring on it and a potential name change… gasp… we have talked about getting a civil partnership since we adopted the boys… mostly for financial security, but also to all have the same surname. We’ve had the boys 2.5 years now and it still hasn’t happened but we are threatening to do it this year. Don’t get excited people it will LITERALLY be us signing some paper followed by a party at some point in the year… no fuss, in fact no mention of anything remotely ‘fuss like’ or it won’t happen for another 2.5 years!

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