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The Travelling ‘Rod’

To kick start our ‘National celebrate the rod you’ve made for your own back’ week we thought we’d break our many ‘rods’ down into topics. When Pips and I got talking about our ‘rods’, the obvious ones were sleeping, eating and managing general behaviour but when I mentioned to Pips about having a ‘Travelling Rod’ blog, her response to me was that she doesn’t have problems in the car with her kids so “you can write that one“, my response was ‘good for you’ (and not in a passive-aggressive, eye-rolling, sarcastic tone at all… okay maybe just a bit).

Well travelling with my kids can be ‘testing’ (shall we call it) at times and rather than become one of those parents who gets into a state trying to calm a hysterical toddler down or swinging my fists round the seats to stop fighting kids like my mother used to do, I instead arm myself with a car full of entertainment and goodies.

We don’t go anywhere over a 15 minute journey without the ipad, well equipped with every film available! I also have drinks, pre-cut fruit bowls, breadsticks, emergency sweets all at the ready on the passenger seat, so I’m only ever 10 seconds away from being able to chuck something at them to shut them u… I mean, restore the peace.

Now that probably doesn’t sound bad, right? But it adds serious prep time to any morning routine, god help you if Netflix or Disney life fail you, or you forget to charge the battery on the ipad or it just decides to go off whilst your driving on the motorway… it stresses me out no end, and to be honest even with all that in place Haribo can still be a nightmare in the car!

Now we are just preparing to go on our first holiday abroad and you should see these elaborate packs I’m making up for the two of them;

  • Kindle Fire for kids (each) with films downloaded from Netflix and DisneyLife and new wireless Minions head phones
  • Toy Story magnetic drawing boards (because someone recommended not taking crayons as they fall off the small tables… genius!)
  • Hey Dugee (for Haribo) and Thomas the Tank (for Jay) sticker books
  • Colouring books and crayons (because I don’t trust the magnetic drawing boards to cover a whole 15 minutes)
  • Packed lunches and snacks galore
  • Little activity bags containing pipe cleaners and lego
  • Small presents wrapped up (poundland style stuff)

But am I going to have to do this every time we fly somewhere in the future? Most probably if it works… I’ll keep you posted! 🤣

I’ve got hundreds of ‘rods’, just you wait… so let me have this one at least! 🤣

As for going abroad… we’ve not ventured out on holiday this year, because we’re doing the house up. Next year however, I’ll probably be re-visiting this post when we do go on holiday, and no doubt it will be accompanied with a multitude of travelling rods we’ve adopted whilst travelling with a 4 year old and toddler… Ooohhh looking forward to it. 

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