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Getting Slimy with Zimpli Kids

I’ve got to admit a ‘baff’ full of ‘gelli’ sounded like my worst nightmare. The thought of this gross, gooey mess consuming my beautifully white bath… oh and my children, filled me with horror. But I’ve got to say… it was gross but we LOVED IT!

Zimpli Kids is a really innovative brand of messy kids stuff for both indoor and outdoor play, with products like the ‘Gelli Baff’, ‘Slime Blaster’ and ‘Simon Squirters’ just to name a few!

They come in different colours too, we received a pack of the red ‘gelli’ to try out but you can also get them in blue, green and pink too! Perfect if you are wanting to do something really interactive and fun with the kids for parties or events like Halloween!

Getting Set Up

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit dubious at first so I read the instructions over and over to make sure I did it correctly. They are so easy to follow and I felt reassured by the content that it wasn’t going to stain the bath or block up our drains (I’d have been in sooooo much trouble should either of those things happened!)

I found it really simple to use and there isn’t a tonne of ingredients or steps to worry about. (I took the picture after I’d added the first sachet… rookie mistake sorry!)

Literally all you have to do is fill your bath up with warm water to about 3 inches (so not very high) and stir it with your hand for about 5-10 minutes. I honestly didn’t think it was going to work because after 2-3 minutes of stirring it didn’t seem to be thickening up much, but sure enough after about 5 minutes the jelly-like texture started to thicken and the feeling on my hand was quite a strange sensation!

Twin one was desperate to get in… with his Beauty & the Beast toys (they have to go in the bath every time!). As soon as he heard the word go he dived in and had great fun covering his toys, throwing it at me (I had just poured it all over him to be fair) and shouting ‘yukky’ as he splashed around pretending to swim in it.

Twin two on the other hand took one look and ran screaming.

Cleaning Up

Again when it was time to clean up I was convinced I was going to be left with some sort of discolouration to the bath or that the product was going to remain too lumpy to wash away without causing problems… but once again my worries when unfounded.

You simply add the second sachet provided and stir with you hand again. It dissolved fairly quickly but did remain a bit lumpy. The instructions tell you to expect that and say you can add salt if you want to dissolve it further, but I was satisfied with it and it rinsed away really easily without any staining!

Haribo took a bit of cleaning off though as the ‘gelli’ had gone in every nook and cranny, which he has since taken great delight in telling everyone that he had ‘jelly up his bum’!

My Recommendation

There is no two-ways about it, we had great fun and I very nearly jumped in with him… but needed to keep going to reassure Jay that he didn’t have to get in *rolls eyes*.

The product retails at £4.99 which is pretty good value in my opinion. It probably isn’t something we’d buy just to have a random slimy bath in, but if you were having friends sleeping over or a kids party/event then it would be ace and well worth the spend.

We have also been sent some SnoBall play to try out, but we are waiting for a nice weekend without rain to get outside to try it out so I’ll fill you in on that one at a later date!

Go check out the Zimpli Kid website and have a gander at their fab products! They do some for paddling pools too… bring on summer I say… twin two is going in!!!!

Fancy getting your hands own a great Zimpli Kids product? We have some ‘Slime Baff’ to giveaway to one lucky Parenting Phils reader! It will make a great stocking filler for your kids this Christmas!

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